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Hello there!

If you want your articles published on Jigar Doshi, all you have to do is to type and mail it to

Basically, the articles should be related to Relationships, the primary category of this blog, Reviews of movies and/or novels or Grandma tales, in other words, short inspirational tales.
Any article, that is not plagiarized, not lifted, not copied, not published anywhere else and it is the original work of the writer’s own imagination is welcome.

P.S : If you wish to become a regular contributor, we can make an account for you where you will have your own author page on this blog.

P.P.S : As I don’t make any money from my blog, I won’t be paying you any money for your posts. All I can pay you is with a link back to your blog/site. 🙂
(Which will earn us both some traffic and visibility!)

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