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My (not so fantastic) Birthday! (or, was it?)

More often than not, from friends and relatives, am asked this one question that I’ve never been able to answer definitely. And the question is, “What do you want as a birthday present?” Coming from a family where ‘birthday parties’ is a … Continue reading

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dream big !!

When I was a kid, i wanted to live independently, now that I am living so, I feel, living with family was/is more blissful.When i was a kid and got not more than Rs10 as pocket money, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Things that annoy me..

The following is the list of things that (people often do) annoy me : 1) People, especially young people, wearing shoes without socks. 2) Smoking in public places. 3) Spitting on roads/walls. 4) People washing their hands in the plate … Continue reading

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how to screw your birthday

Though I was not really a great lover of the Physics as a subject, it included a part called experiments, which were always fun and easy to do. So, ‘d like to give the step-by-step procedure of an experiment that … Continue reading

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reason, don’t imagine :)

“good morning, class,” the professor said, “today, we are going to learn a new topic, that is reasoning.”all the students were pretty much excited as they all thought that they were very good at it and they all immediately put … Continue reading

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a gal’s fear of being hurt… again !

the following are the words of a girl.. i can even say words of almost all the girls… (at some or the other point of time) “I’m scared of you – We are together! We smile, we play, we talk, we … Continue reading

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Girls are, more often than not, funny…!

I was just wondering, why on earth can’t the girls be sportive enough to accept the defeat when they are defeated? Why do they always end up crying (in an argument) or deviating the topic (in a debate), when we … Continue reading

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