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Undercover In High Heels : Novel Review

My review: Undercover In High Heels, the novel starts with Dana and Maddie watching Magnolia Lane, the famous prime time daily. And Ramirez calls to cancel their date. Yet again. He gives a vague ‘something came up’ and that he … Continue reading

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Killer In High Heels : Novel Review

Gemma Halliday continues Killer In High Heels from where she left Spying in High Heels. The writing tone is same, hilarious that is; the protagonist is dumb as ever, the setting has moved to the “sin city” Las Vegas from … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Clues : Novel Review

Manjiri Prabhu lives in Pune and has been a filmmaker and television producer. She has also written two romances, two mystery novels and a non-fiction book on Hindi films. The Cosmic Clues is the first of the series where the … Continue reading

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Salvation Of A Saint : Novel Review

My Review: Similar to Keigo Higashino‘s previous novel, Salvation of a Saint starts with a murder too. Apparently the victim’s coffee was poisoned. His wife was hundreds of miles away visiting her parents and his lover had met him just … Continue reading

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Talaash – not a review.

Dear people, you liked the movie, well and good. You did-not like the movie, alright! But be a sport guys, don’t spoil the fun for others by revealing the suspense of the movie Talaash on social networks or text messages. … Continue reading

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The Hollow – Book review

My review: Henry Angkatell and his wife Lucy Angkatell invite their friends John Christow – a passionate doctor – and Gerda Christow – a plain and a little stupid woman, but a devoted wife to John – to their country-side home … Continue reading

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The Devotion Of Suspect X – Novel review

The Devotion Of Suspect X is a novel by author Keigo Higashino. It has been translated from Japanese to English so that suspense lovers all over can devour the great work that it is. My review: Most mystery/suspense/crime thrillers start … Continue reading

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