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one month without a cell phone…!

(courtesy : wikipedia) The very first phone I used was Nokia 2610, a basic handset, sans the hi-end features. Two years later, it was replaced by┬áNokia E50, a business phone, which helped me browse net, read .pdf files, download apps … Continue reading

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dream big !!

When I was a kid, i wanted to live independently, now that I am living so, I feel, living with family was/is more blissful.When i was a kid and got not more than Rs10 as pocket money, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Things that annoy me..

The following is the list of things that (people often do) annoy me : 1) People, especially young people, wearing shoes without socks. 2) Smoking in public places. 3) Spitting on roads/walls. 4) People washing their hands in the plate … Continue reading

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friend – the most shameless of (all) the creatures

today, one of my friends visited me after a long time. as soon as he entered, he took my wallet, searched every corner for any and everything that he could get. after checking through my driver’s license, voter id card, … Continue reading

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grass is always greener on the other side

i, jigar doshi, am not (really) happy. i live in a rented apartment with a roomie. and go to warangal, which is just 150kms away, and where my parents live in our own house, every weekend.i have more than enough … Continue reading

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