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The Reluctant Debutante : Book Review

The whole story is already mentioned at the back of The Reluctant Debutante, in a nut shell of course. Sanya and Tanya Grewal are twins and their similarities end at their appearances itself. Tanya is a blunt, calling-a-spade-a-spade, hot-headed and … Continue reading

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A Cage Of Desires : Book Review

Shuchi Singh kalra is an Amazon best-selling author and A Cage Of Desires is her third novel. The book delves into the life of a middle-class woman, her emotional needs and her journey through her monotonous boring life and her ascension thereafter. Renu, … Continue reading

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Glitter and Gloss : Book review

Glitter and Gloss, published by Bloomsbury, is author Vibha Batra‘s fourth full fledged novel after her Rinki series featuring 3 books : Sweet Sixteen (Yeah Right!), Seventeen and done (You Bet!), and Eighteen and Wiser (Not Quite!) and a couple of novellas published … Continue reading

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How I Got Lucky : Novel Review

Farhad J. Dadyburjor has been into the field of journalism for about 14 years now and he currently works as a consulting editor. Going by his work, it isn’t surprising that his debut novel, How I Got Lucky, is completely … Continue reading

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Amreekan Desi : Novel Review

My review: Atulya Mahajan, who also runs the humor/satire blog where articles about Indians living abroad and their experiences are posted, has penned down his first novel by the same name, Amreekan Desi. Alternatively titled, Masters Of America. The … Continue reading

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Inferno : Novel review

My review: Robert Langdon, the famous art professor at Harvard, wakes up in a hospital in Florence and doesn’t remember how he got there. Before the young Dr. Sienna Brooks could explain that he is suffering from retrograde amnesia, a … Continue reading

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After The Storm – Novel review

My review: After The Storm is second offering from the author of The World Beyond, based on the colonial rule in India, struggle for freedom, and a love story between an Indian woman and an Englishman. (It was opposite in her … Continue reading

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Offside : Novel review

My review: The novel, Offside is all about football, friendship, love and life in that order. It begins with protagonist, Gaurav Kale, returning to his hometown Vadodara and reminiscing the past. His college days, his love for football, his love … Continue reading

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Once upon the tracks of Mumbai – Novel review

Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai is the story of an autistic man who is shunned by family but accepted and cherished by friends and public. My review: The cover of the novel has a picture of a couple, indicating … Continue reading

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Angel of the Dark – novel review

 My review: Angel of the Dark is everything trademark Sidney Sheldon. The story lasts decades, there are innumerable characters, the characters travel so many countries, there are murders, police investigations, lots of suspense and un-expected twists, deceits and revenges and … Continue reading

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