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I will get over you..

I will get over you.. I know it’s already been 2 years, but then, it isn’t such a long time, is it? Will get over you soon.. Very soon.. I know you have already put me in the past, long … Continue reading

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True love is forever…!

“Hey!” he said after picking up the call. “It’s been a long time. How are you??” (‘Why is he always so cheerful?’ she asked herself.) “Umm, I’m good.” she said not-so-cheerfully. “You?” she added forcibly. “Rocking, as always!” he said … Continue reading

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love is cute – 3

He was startled by the vibration of the phone and he picked it up still half asleep. Though there was a “Hello” from the other side, his mind din’t register the voice properly. He growled, “Who’s this?” And he got, … Continue reading

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I miss you…! Hell, I still love you…!

The whole day passes away swiftly as I deliberately engross myself in some or the other work and never give myself time to sit back and ponder over anything, so I manage to be successful in keeping your thoughts at … Continue reading

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