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Tree as a witness.

One day, Raju, a farmer, was in a desperate need of money and he went to his neighbour asking for the financial help and said that he’d return the amount as soon as possible. His neighbour, Ramu, who was kind-hearted, … Continue reading

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Beware! Your child is watching you…!

Now-a-days, it is often seen that a father easily rears three or even four children under a single roof but those three-four children put-together cannot (do not) take care of their parents under four different roofs too! There was a … Continue reading

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professor’s class – glass.

A professor began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it. He held it up for all to see; asked the students,”How much do you think this glass weighs?” “100-125 gms,” the students answered. “I really … Continue reading

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Love – Quote

A person taught his son the following lesson one day, “The ones that are hardest to love are the ones that need it the most.” The next day they were walking through a deserted street and were suddenly attacked by three … Continue reading

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