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The Activist and The Capitalist : Novella Review

Based in Chennai and penned by Vibha Batra, The Activist And The Capitalist is the story of two passionate people pitted against each other because of their contrary passions and how they fall in love with each other, thus inviting troubles … Continue reading

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She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not : Novella Review

What happens when you finally achieve something (or someone) that you’ve cherished, coveted, openly desired and prayed for all your life? What do you do when you’re still not happy after getting that very person? Zoella, a 20-something girl, was … Continue reading

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Against All Odds : Novella Review

Against All Odds is another wonderful romance novella, which is penned by JazzSingh and published by Indireads. Sanjana, a small-town girl from Kasauli, has just passed and is on her first interior designing project in Delhi. She doesn’t have much experience but is determined, … Continue reading

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Girl From Fatehpur : Novella Review

Girl From Fatehpur penned by Sarita Varma and published by Indireads is a short and sweet novella which falls under the genres of chick-lit and rom-com. Sana is from small-town Fatehpur, currently residing at Mumbai. She works at a company and Krish is her … Continue reading

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Haveli : Novella Review

Haveli is a romance novella set in Pakistan in 1971 where Chandni, who detests that name and stresses on being called as C, is a descendant of a rich heirloom. As her mother passed away soon after giving birth and her … Continue reading

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A Scandalous Proposition : Novella Review

A Scandalous Proposition is penned by Mimmy Jain under the pen name of M.M.George and distinctly falls in the category of Indian Mills & Boons. Yes, it has got the template, a rich obnoxious guy, a middle-class girl, sparks fly when they meet, lust overpowers … Continue reading

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The Perfect Groom : Novella Review

The Perfect Groom is a short and simple story set in a Tamil household and the situations described in it are daily happenings in most of the middle-class households in most parts of India. It’s the story of the various struggles … Continue reading

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The Contract : Novella Review

The Contract is a novella penned by a Pakistani author, Zeenat Mahal. I have read many authors outside of India, but seldom something interesting had come my way across the border except ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ a long time ago. And I didn’t … Continue reading

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A Newlywed’s Adventures In Married Land : Novella Review

Shweta Ganesh Kumar is the bestselling author of two novels on the Indian Broadcast news industry, titled ‘Coming Up On The Show’ and ‘Between The Headlines’. In the past, she has been a news trainee, desk editor, TV news correspondent with … Continue reading

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Love’s Labor : Novella Review

Love’s Labor by Andy Paula is the third novella that I’ve read. Published by Toronto-based publishing house Indireads, which exclusively publishes e-books and was started with the aim to revolutionizing the popular fiction genre in South Asia. Piali, a fierce, independent and confident teacher … Continue reading

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