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These days there are various matrimonial sites on the internet that are acting like the cupid for people who are either so busy in their work or are unlucky enough to not get married by a certain age. No Neeta … Continue reading

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Undercover In High Heels : Novel Review

My review: Undercover In High Heels, the novel starts with Dana and Maddie watching Magnolia Lane, the famous prime time daily. And Ramirez calls to cancel their date. Yet again. He gives a vague ‘something came up’ and that he … Continue reading

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Aisle Be Damned : Novel Review

The author of the book Aisle Be Damned, Rishi Piparaiya is an over-worked and over-traveled corporate executive based in the skies, 38,000 feet over India. Not only was the cover-page intriguing but also compelling to read. Added to that, the … Continue reading

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Amreekan Desi : Novel Review

My review: Atulya Mahajan, who also runs the humor/satire blog where articles about Indians living abroad and their experiences are posted, has penned down his first novel by the same name, Amreekan Desi. Alternatively titled, Masters Of America. The … Continue reading

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Pedestrians to protest over, allegedly, defamatory comments by a Bollywood celebrity:

This post was first published in the well-known humor/satire website faking news. Here’s the link to my post if you wish to read it on the faking news website. As we all know that Madhur Bhandarkar’s magnum opus Heroine released last Friday. After … Continue reading

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