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Best friends…!

We had been best friends for a few years now. We spent most of our time together. We watched, read, ate, hung-out, shopped, we pretty much did almost everything together. Not all the time, of course. But, more often than … Continue reading

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It’s friendship when…

It’s friendship when.. You go out of your way to do something just to bring a smile on their face.. You text each other 24×7.. You talk about everything all the time, yet feel that there is so much more … Continue reading

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The first kiss…!

I woke up really soon for a holiday. 9 am that is. Had a quick break-fast that was already waiting for me at the dining table. Then had a hot shower, sprayed some extra perfume over myself, applied lotion and … Continue reading

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Sometimes, these friends can be total P.I.A!

I am/We are so sad that even you were one of those many men who simply “use” the term love and break hearts. So they say. I wonder, what make them say so. I just keep silent. How come you … Continue reading

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Girl: What really happened? Boy: Umm, in short, eyes opened, feelings faded, life happened.. G: So, you don’t love her anymore? B: Nope, I don’t.. On an after-thought, I actually never did! G: What!? You never loved her? B: Umm, … Continue reading

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A memoir of a woman..

I’m a born independent, modern, open-minded woman of 20th century. This conversation, that I’m sharing with you, happened exactly on this day five years ago, in the year 2007. I had a boy-friend then. A man of medium height, brown, … Continue reading

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I miss you…! Hell, I still love you…!

The whole day passes away swiftly as I deliberately engross myself in some or the other work and never give myself time to sit back and ponder over anything, so I manage to be successful in keeping your thoughts at … Continue reading

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6 complete wtf situations in relationships…!

1) Love triangle 1 :A boy and a girl are best friends. Although, she is in love with the boy she never readily accepted it. Boy falls in love with another girl and when he happily conveys the news to … Continue reading

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college fun…!

One of the funniest situations in college life :You link up two of your friends and tease them just for fun. Both of them know that any amount of asking won’t stop you from teasing, so they simply keep quiet … Continue reading

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friend – the most shameless of (all) the creatures

today, one of my friends visited me after a long time. as soon as he entered, he took my wallet, searched every corner for any and everything that he could get. after checking through my driver’s license, voter id card, … Continue reading

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