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How To Gracefully Exit A Relationship : Novel Review

When the author, Frank Love, contacted me requesting a review for his book How To Gracefully Exit A Relationship, the questions that instantly I asked myself were, ‘this book seems to be for someone who is in a relationship and … Continue reading

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Just leave me alone!

“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” she exclaimed. I had been calling her incessantly, but she neither picked nor returned any of my calls. She had already blocked me from all her social networks and we hadn’t talked for over a year … Continue reading

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Mind and Heart…

Dear Heart, She has long gone. Get over her and move on, dude! It’s been almost a year now that you have been constantly remembering her and wasting my┬átime and energy. The more you remember her, the more you force … Continue reading

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love is cute – 3

He was startled by the vibration of the phone and he picked it up still half asleep. Though there was a “Hello” from the other side, his mind din’t register the voice properly. He growled, “Who’s this?” And he got, … Continue reading

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