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Alternate Career Options For The Youth

Gone are the days when parents wanted their child to be an engineer, doctor or an M.B.A graduate. There was a time where children had no say in their future and had to blindly oblige to their parents’ demands and … Continue reading

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My first blog award : Liebster Award

So, here it is! My first blog award after about 2 years of blogging. 🙂 First of all, to those who are new to this – Liebster awards exists only on the internet. It is used to discover and appreciate new/lesser … Continue reading

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It has always been a dream to read my interview in one of the newspapers someday. But, with blogging, I don’t really need to wait for some journalist to come to me. I have framed certain questions and answered them. … Continue reading

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my journey…! (part 3)

This post is the 3rd installment of my journey. Do read my journey – part1 and  my journey – part 2, the previous installments. ah, so on 25th october 2010, I bought a new laptop for myself and my friends happened to … Continue reading

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my journey…! (part 2)

(This is the second installment of the three installments of my journey. Read my journey – part 1, the previous installment.) The real trouble with blogging is that you cannot open the blog and then ask your mind to come … Continue reading

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my journey…! (part-1)

Hello world. This post is about something that I have never written about till now. For the first time, I feel like sharing my experiences of blogging and being in the blogging world with, you, my precious and ever-encouraging reader(s). … Continue reading

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how to add share buttons to each and every blog post..

just having great content in each and every blog post is not enough. if you want to attract more traffic to your blog, you must let your existing audience share your posts with their friends, that too easily. and as … Continue reading

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