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manan mehtaThese days, more and more people have become diet and health conscious. While the lazy ones continue to binge on fast foods, a lot many active ones throng the gym and have marginally reduced the consumption of carbs and fats. But when it came to a drink that was healthy, 100% natural yet tasty, even they had no answer. That’s when the idea of Revive was culminated.

After a couple of years of hard-work and great research, in a first of its kind venture in the beverage industry, the team at Revive : Blast Your Senses headed by Mr Gaurav Parekh, has come up with 100% natural flavored milk products. The milk is made of 100% natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no artificial color either, which is just like a revolution in the food and beverage industry.

revive flavorsAs of now, the team at Revive has come up with 6 tasty and innovative flavors. They are:

  • Cafe Mocha
  • Cold Coffee
  • Rich Kesar
  • Choco-mint
  • Creame Butterscotch
  • Shahi Gulkand

The milk is available in cans and packaging is ideal and easy to carry, making it a must-have during family get-together or while hanging out with friends. Especially during holiday season, it can be a great substitute for colas, which are dissed by diet-friendly and health-conscious people.

The various milk flavors from Revive : Blast Your Senses are available at quick service outlets and retail stores across the metro cities of India. They are also available at various hotel chains and corporate offices. If you are the lethargic kind, you can also order them, with the help of a few clicks, from Amazon India.

P.S : Now that the winter is about to end and summer is almost upon us, Revive is a good bet to consume cold drinks to keep ourselves cool yet be healthy and strong without much intake of fat and sugar that colas carry in huge amount.

P.P.S : It can be served hot as well as chilled making it consumable all through the year.

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