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If you are an old visitor of this blog, you very well know that books and relationships are recurring themes. So, I thought, for a new post, what better than combining these both?

This time I am not going to rewrite you a book and retell its story. This time I am going to write about a few books which are not very popular and mainstream, but are absolutely brilliant and classical. The main theme of all these books is the same – a love between two people and the entire struggle trying to reach the loved one. So, for your trial, a few books about the most amazing feeling in the world – love.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

William Shakespeare is, unfortunately, best known for the bigger masses as an author of such love tragedies like Romeo and Juliet. Sadly, people, as well as young romantic souls just like you and me, sometimes tend to forget about other great plays William Shakespeare wrote, which were also about love and, fortunately, not end tragically! A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the play which can be called as one of the fun stories about love. It is actually a comedy play, which makes all the reading even more pleasurable and relaxing.

The plot of this play is simply perfect – Shakespeare draws a picture of many different types of events happened around the marriage of Theseus, the real Duke of Athens, and his loved one – Hippolyta. The play is actually telling a story about these two lovers’ adventures along with other four young Athenian lovers, as well as six amateur actors, who are actually controlled by the fairies! It is really a fun and easy story loved by many theatre directors, and widely performed by many actors across the world. This is why I recommend you to read this play too, not only because it is one of the masterpieces of William Shakespeare, but also a great and easy love story, which will leave you smiling afterwards!

The Thorn Birds

This is a little bit sadder book about love. But that love is no simple love, but the tragic, forbidden love with just a simple flash of happiness. It is a book written by Australian author Colleen McCullough, and the title of the book is The Thorn Birds.

The book tells us the epic story of the one family, which was facing many difficulties through the time: from both World Wars, to nature disasters, Cleary’s family lives through all of it, by being strong both physically and psychologically. Although this is a story about one family, the main focus goes to the youngest child, which is also the only daughter of the family – Meggie. We follow her through the childhood and learn about the life together with her. We meet a young and surprisingly handsome priest called Ralph de Bricassart, which are actually true lifetime love of Meggie. This forbidden love blossoms and dies in a book for a several times, not letting to put the book away.  The Thorn Birds are the book which captures your attention and lets you to travel to far away land of Australia, become a family member of Cleary and lets you see to what life sometimes can grow into – only because of love and envy.

Dina’s Book

By the Norwegian author Herbjørg Wassmo, this book is really not mainstream and actually pretty hard to find. Since this is a not typical love story of two people as well, I recommend Dina’s Book because of other reasons. Well, yeah, love is important in this book as well, but mostly because it is irrational and kind of bad! Dina, who is the main character of this book, goes true life like a real wolf – without making any compromises with anyone, and just doing whatever she wants. Although, the cold and unpleasant deep North environment of nineteenth century, makes Dina almost the most important person there, she also makes many men to fall in love with her without even understanding how dangerous can that be. Demonic and wild Dina attracts men and makes them loose their minds. Until one day, weird and extraordinary man comes to the North and changes Dina forever.

This book is actually really strong and also very involving. You can’t put it away for a second, because Dina not only bewitches everyone she meets in the book, but also you as well! The good thing is, that despite the huge number of pages this book has, and short time needed to read that, this is one of the three books of trilogy written by Herbjørg Wassmo. So, you can be sure to meet amazing Dina again, and let her to spell you once more.

Where to Get All These Books?

The best way to get all these amazing books, is to shop online and get them delivered them from no matter where. Such rare book as Dina’s Book probably can’t be purchased from bookstores, so you should definitely use the benefits of online shopping. You can also save a great deal of money on it too, if you shop at websites which offer special discount for books. For instance, visit and search for the coupons for books at, which will help you to get those books easier and cheaper!

Enjoy your new found love stories now and share the best moments in the books with me!

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