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D.Sathwik is yet another Indian author who is bitten by that urge to write a love story based on his own life. In A Feeling Named Love is the result of the same urge. Thankfully, he is not yet another Engineering student who had to pen down his love memoirs of college. Sathwik is a Law student and this love story of his starts in early teens.

Ritwik was just like any other normal 14 years old student, notorious and wary of studying. However he was socially motivated and so was in the good books of his teachers and he managed to get average marks in his exams and so his parents weren’t complaining either. His life was pretty much ordinary till he met Shrita.

Shrita was a rich father’s daughter who wasn’t spoilt nor was she arrogant. She was a simple girl with simple tastes. They became friends, turned to close friends, and before completing standard 10, the close friendship transformed into love and their love brought the two understanding and caring families together by the time they finished their high school.

The book is all about their journey from friendship to close friendship to love to their talking to their parents and making them understand and making them accept their relationship.

As you can infer, it is a puppy love story. They were in love by the time they were 14 and frequenting each other’s residences. They had understanding parents who didn’t object to their relationship provided it didn’t affect their studies and they concentrated on their careers first and then thought about settling down.

Coming from a new author, his writing is fairly good. Few grammatical errors here and there but they’re pardonable. Unlike the fashion these days, there are no cuss words or no OTT descriptions of physical attributes. Also, the children keep their romance confined to words and don’t get physical as they are moralistic kids.

Funnily, the novel is set in the year 2020 and the story moves forward in a long flashback. Except for the tragic climax, the novel is pretty much a feel good one revolving around 2 people and their concerned families.

It is not a literary masterpiece (childish writing) nor has a great story-line (puppy love story), some parts are really annoying and skip-worthy, some parts are too good to be true and some others are plain silly, but overall makes up for a nice read.

Connect with the author here: D. Sathwik


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