The Archers Revenge : Novel Review


The Archers Revenge is a self-published novel by Rajesh Kollu, a professional blogger from Chennai, who blogs at Destination Infinity.


Guru, a powerful and cunning minister, gets 3 people killed from Renewable Energy Department when he is not assigned the portfolio. The official report says cardiac arrest as the cause of death and while everybody is silent because of the influence of the minister, it is pretty obvious that there is something fishy.

Aryan, whose father was one of the three dead, gets an anonymous call and he instantly begins his personal investigations and realizes that it wasn’t a natural death, but murder. And he pledges revenge. But there was no way he could take on the powerful minister who always moved amidst tight security. That’s when he decides that he will use bow and arrows to get his revenge instead of using sophisticated weapons.

After waiting for a long time and meticulous planning, he finds a chance to kill Guru, who was at Tirupati for darshan and had minimum security around him while returning. Everything was going according to his plan and he was about to shoot the arrow at Guru’s heart when another arrow stings Guru at his shoulder. Aryan is shocked and realizes that there is another person who wants Guru dead. It is Divya, whose father was also among the three dead, and wanted revenge.

So, they join hands to take on the powerful Guru and plot various schemes to kill him. The twist at the end is very filmy, but justice prevails.

The writing is lucid and easy to read. The characters of Aryan and Divya are also wonderfully set up but they seem to be lacking chemistry. The sparks just don’t fly between them. The cat and mouse game between Police and this duo is nice and action filled. Although there are instances which are illogical or too stupid and obvious, I reckon the author is under the influence of Southern movies. 😛

Makes up for a short and nice read.

Connect with the author here : Destination Infinity

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