A Scandalous Proposition : Novella Review


A Scandalous Proposition

A Scandalous Proposition is penned by Mimmy Jain under the pen name of M.M.George and distinctly falls in the category of Indian Mills & Boons. Yes, it has got the template, a rich obnoxious guy, a middle-class girl, sparks fly when they meet, lust overpowers love in the beginning where love wins over everything in the end.

Mira Talwar has just moved to Delhi with her sister and an ailing mother after the death of her father. She’s already late for her interview and when she thinks nothing could go wrong, she ends up in wrong floor of the building. She ends up in Ranbir Dewan’s office and immediately sparks begin to fly between the two. Unfortunately for her, he’s the kind of guy who believes in bedding the girl and moving on. In less than a week, he asks her to be his mistress for 6 months. Yeah, he was obnoxious, arrogant and a rich asshole, but instead of slapping him, she refuses and gets out. Not before getting kissed and baring her bosom for him. Yes, she couldn’t stop him (and herself) when he made his move.

Next day, he calls her and says that his cousin, Tarun, is in love with her sister, Reema, but his aunt would certainly be against this alliance and that they will have to hatch a plan to include Reema in the family and for that he says that Reema should join his ailing grand-mother as her 24/7 companion. While Mira was still contemplating, Ranbir insisted that both Mira and Reema stayed at their home and that is what makes Mira suspicious about Ranbir’s intentions.

Was Ranbir genuinely concerned about his cousin? Or was he pushing for his own carnal desires to be fulfilled? Was he really that arrogant, rich, obnoxious womaniser that he appeared to be or was there more to him? What happens of Tarun-Reema and more importantly, of Ranbir-Mira? Read the novella to find out.

The writing is excellent and enjoyable. The setting is wonderful, rich guy who appears to be obnoxious womaniser, a middle-class girl who’s headstrong and traditional yet modern. It’s a racy-plot with lots of nitpicking and loads of fireworks, both verbal and romantic, between Ranbir and Mira. The relation between Ranbir and his family members is nicely depicted where slowly Mira learns about Ranbir who’s not obnoxious asshole. The conversations and battle-of-wits of Ranbir and Mira are filled with loads of hilarity and fun. The best part of the novella is the sizzling chemistry between Ranbir and Mira. The attraction that they feel for each-other is just too strong but not so strong that Mira would forget her traditional values (and society) and give in to his scandalous proposition even though she’s very much tempted to accept it. And almost does. Twice.

A spicy read. Perfect (spicy) mix of romance, humor, relationships and love. Romance fanatics and chick-lit lovers would totally love reading it.

Connect with the author here : M.M George

The novella is published by Toronto-based publishing house Indireads, which exclusively publishes e-books and was started with the aim to revolutionizing the popular fiction genre in South Asia.

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