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First of all, let me clarify, I am no Sajid Khan fan. And I am not writing this review of Humshakals to defend him or the movie or anything, I am writing the review just because I enjoyed it and I felt, I need to write about it, more so because everybody was thrashing the movie left and right without even watching it. Just because it was a Sajid Khan movie, a man whom everybody loves to hate.

Ashok (Saif Ali Khan) is the billionaire heir of the Singhania empire that K.A.N.S Mamaji (Ram Kapoor) wants to steal. Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) is Ashok’s best-friend and always supports him. Mamaji hatches a plan that sends the duo to a mental asylum that already has an another set of duo, two lookalikes or Humshakals of Ashok and Kumar with the same names. The rest of the story is not hard to guess. The lookalikes get out and the real ones are trapped inside the asylum. Rest of the story is about how the real ones get out and all the confusion that unfolds, before stopping Mamaji in his evil plans.

Among the female leads, the movie features the Tamannaah Bhatia as Shanaya, a reality show host and Ashok’s love interest., Bipasha Basu as Mishti, estate manager of Ashok and Kumar’s love interest., and Esha Gupta as Dr. Shivani Gupta, a doctor at the mental asylum. The girls don’t have much to do except look glamorous, sing and dance.

There are 3 pairs of Ashok, Kumar and Mamaji and one of the pairs is of drag where Saif romances Riteish, Riteish romances Saif and Ram romances his own female version. While it is hard to digest, it is fun and laughter-evoking. The drag seems dragged after a bit, but it is hilarious nevertheless.

Satish Shah, Darshan Jariwala and Chunky Pandey are the other characters in the movie. Even Prince Charles makes his Bollywood debut and gets to speak a few words of Marathi and Hindi, which I think was really funny.

In the drag and gay versions, Riteish is the boss as he has already played them before in his career. Saif is great as the rich billionaire, but falls short in all other characters. Saif can do witty comedy perfectly, but he is not the one for gay or drag kind of comedy. Ram Kapoor is wonderful as the evil mamaji, maniac OCD patient who gets mad when someone sneezes around him and gets calm only when someone offers him a lollipop, but is really scary in the drag version. [I know I’m being mean here :P]

The movie is mad, senseless, mindless, illogical and stupid. Yes, it is. Some portions are exaggerated, irritating and annoying, as well. But the movie is nothing close to painful or torturous or a work of sadism or an insult to audience, as most critics made it out to be. It is funny and hilarious and entertaining.

There were many scenes that were cringe-worthy as well, dialogues made of SMS forwards, some bad emulation of yesteryear greats from Bollywood, but all the negatives put aside, over-all the movie was enjoyable.

If you keep your prejudices against Sajid Khan and his arrogance aside, don’t go by the scathing reviews by the critics, and watch the movie, I think you’d enjoy it as well.

P.S : I didn’t find anything ‘disturbing’ about the movie. I am not really sure why Bipasha felt sore about the movie after doing it that she didn’t want to promote it.

Ah, that role tweet explains everything.

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