Love is cute – 8


She – (sweetly) “Hey.. I love you..”

He – (indifferent) “Eh??”

She – (saddened) “Don’t you love me anymore?”

He – “I do.. But what do you mean by ‘anymore’?”

She – (puppy face) “Then why don’t you tell it to me?”

He – “You don’t exactly make me feel like telling it to you right now..”

She – “Please.. Please, forgive me..”

He – “That’s okay.. Let it be..”

She – (pleading) “Look, I know I’ve been stupid before and yesterday night I was again being stupid, but please don’t be angry on me. Talk to me.”

He – “I am not avoiding you, right now, am I? I am talking to you.”

She – “Not like this. Talk properly.. Please..”

He – (expressionless) “I am talking properly only..”

She – “Please.. How much more do you want me to plead?”

He – (flustered) “I didn’t ask you to plead and I am fine. You don’t need to plead or anything.”

She – “Look, I know you’re still angry for yesterday. Please forget yesterday’s fight. I love you…”

He – “Isn’t it easy to say, ‘Forget it’ when you are the one who was on the wrong side? And you don’t need to repeat the fake “I love you”s to please me. Don’t use it as a weapon.”

She – “I am not using it as any weapon. I really love you and I am simply expressing it. I love you..”

He – “Yeah, right. Some moron told me that, “telling ‘ I love you’ repeatedly diminishes its value and has no meaning. It should be told only on special occasions.”

She – “Forget what that moron said. I love you..”

He – “Okay.. good.”

She – “What?”

He – “What, what?”

She – “Come on..”

He – “Excuse me?”

She – “Huh?!”

He – “Eh?”

She – (slightly irritated)”Come on, ya.. Let it go, na.. Why don’t you forget it? I know it was my mistake and I am sorry for it. Now don’t be like this, please!”

He – “Oh yeah? 5 minutes and you couldn’t bear and remember how you stay exactly like this for hours together. And always it is you who is on the wrong side, not I. And I never repeatedly say “Sorry” and “I love you” or ask you to ‘become fine’. I make you smile when you are angry, which is always for a stupid reason. Always in a different way.”

She – “Yes, I know you always make me smile when I get angry for a stupid reason and you always use a different technique to do so. And I appreciate it. Really.”

He – “Oh, please.. Let it be..”

She – “I really do. I know I am the luckiest woman to have you in my life. Anybody else in your place and he would have left me long ago.”

He – “Yeah, right.”

She – “Please don’t be this moody and silent. Please talk to me.”

He – “Then make me smile.”

She – (angered) “I want to.. And I’m trying.. But if you are so adamant to not smile and not let go, I can’t do anything.”

He – (sarcastically) “Funny how you’re mistaken and still you’re the one getting angry and making demands. Wow.”

She – “Look, I can’t be like you. I don’t know how to make someone smile when they are angry because I have never done it before. I tried, but if you don’t want to let it go, then fine. Be like this only. Don’t talk to me.”

He – “I don’t have a PhD in pleasing others either. You know very well that I’ve never ever done it before either. When you really love someone, you just somehow find a way to make them smile. You can’t say ‘Sorry’, ‘Forget it’ and ‘I love you’ a few times and expect someone to become normal if they were really hurt by your harsh words.”

She – (exasperated) “Yeah, right. I don’t really love you and that is the reason that I am not able to make you smile and that is why I said all those harsh words yesterday night.”

He – “Fine.”

She – (angered) “Fine.”

He – “Anything else?”

She – “What do you mean?”

He – “Is there anything left to say?”

She – (surprised) “What if not?”

He – (straight-faced) “Then I’d better leave because there is nothing else to talk about.”

She – (wide-eyed) “You mean you want to leave?”

He – “No, I don’t want to leave. But, given our situation, it is better that I leave.”

She – (teary-eyed) “Don’t leave me like this, please..”

He – “I am not breaking up with you. It’s just that it’s better if we don’t talk for a few hours and then we can gather our thoughts.”

She – (tears rolling down) “Shut up. I’ve gathered all my thoughts already. I am really sorry for what happened yesterday and I promise that I won’t repeat it ever again. Please forgive me and please don’t leave me for a silly fight.”

He – “It wasn’t a ‘silly’ fight.”

She – (crying vehemently) “Please.. Please don’t leave me.. I love you.. I really really love you and I can’t live without you..”

He – (hugging her) “Shh, shhh, shhhhh… Stop crying now.. I am not going anywhere..”

She – (hugging him tightly) “Then why do you always talk of going away and hurt me?”

He – “Because I feel like my presence hurts you more, just like you said yesterday..”

She – (hugging him even more tightly) “Your presence can never hurt me. I was angry then and said all kinds of stupid things to you. I didn’t mean any of those. I am an idiot to even think of saying them..”

He – (slightly smiling) “Yet, you said them.. And as they say, when one is angry, one’s deepest feelings are vent out in the form of anger and frustration..”

She – (bawling) “Please don’t make me feel even more guilty.. I am really sorry for what I said last night.. You don’t make my life difficult, like I said yesterday, but you make it so wonderful.. You’re the one who always makes me happy and puts up with my tantrums even when it is my mistake or I am being unreasonable.. You don’t put any impositions on me, you aren’t insecureĀ and you don’t bicker or complain about anything I do.. You support me like no other and I can count on you at any given time. I am really lucky to have you in my life and these are my deepest and truest feelings, not what I said yesterday in anger, trust me..”

He – (smiling widely) “Exactly.. Something like this is what makes one smile when one is angry.. Not the repeated ‘Sorry’ or ‘I love you’s..”

She – “Please never talk of leaving me again.. I can’t live without you..”

He – “I would never leave you, sweet-heart.. You brought colors into my otherwise black & white life and you are the one reason why I am in the best of my spirits.. I spend most of my time thinking about you and us and about how we can be together.. You bring out the best in me and without you, I would never be able to live happily, just exist.”

She – (still hugging) “I wish I could stay like this in your arms forever..”

He – “I wish we could stay like this forever, a couple of happy souls so immensely in love with each-other that they could live happily forever in the company of each-other..”

She – “I love you… and mind you, this is no weapon.”

He – “Haha.. I know.. I love you too..”

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