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When I was first approached to review the book, “Awaken The Leader In You” penned by Mitesh and Indu Khatri, I was a bit wary as it was a self-help book based on leadership. Now, the Indian market is really flooded with these and technically, most books on leadership are, more or less, the same. They give you examples of a few successful leaders, show how the successful people are determined, work hard, have a vision and are fearless. I’m glad I didn’t give in to that initial thought and accepted to read the book instead.

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I haven’t read many books on leadership but this was very different from the ones I’ve read so far. The first thing about the book that takes you in is it’s simple language and easy-to-relate anecdotes. Basically, the authors don’t tell us anything new, which isn’t already told before, but what they do is that they tell us in a different and easy-to-implement way.

The book has 11 different chapters, each dealing with a different topic and trying to inspire us to change the way we live and awaken the leader within us. The authors state that each one of us are born leaders and that we all have immense potential to achieve all that we desire and aim for. The only difference is that some of us are committed till the end while the rest of us give it up mid-way when we encounter hurdles and that we aren’t determined to follow it till the end.

In Awaken The Leader In You, the authors first tell us the difference between the employee-mindset and entrepreneur-mindset in both employed professionals and self-employed individuals; and how this ‘thinking’ and ‘mindset’ is the one major difference that make the leaders stand apart in a crowd and achieve great successes.

They then talk about how leaders are always self-motivated; have high amounts of energy all the time; enjoy pressures and how they don’t succumb to pressures but live up to all the expectations from them. In fact, often, leaders perform way better when under pressure than otherwise. About how leaders derive this power and unceasing energy, about how they lead from the front and don’t fear to take 100% responsibility to the situations and then try and change them according to their will and desires. Also, emotional intelligence is required to deal with crisis situations and that one should have a control over one’s emotions and feelings and should not let them take over us.

While most leadership books talk about having strong values in the very beginning chapters, this book doesn’t talk about them until mid-way. It is so because, the authors explain, that people first need to be taught about inner potential, the need for vision and belief and how to go about building a vision and having belief in ourselves. So, after explaining about energy, power, belief, pressure, mind-set and importance of emotional intelligence, then they go about talking about values.

Finally, they talk about time management, how leaders get more work done in less time, importance of communication, the real definition of it, the need and how to go about having proper meaningful communication, building trust among the team members and how we can’t do everything alone and that we need to build a  great team and continually motivate them to keep working efficiently.
They also talk about how we, humans, associate with pain, feelings and trust and how they have made people walk on fire in their workshops and how initial fear and resistance changed to acceptance and excitement in just one hour of pep talk.

There are so many anecdotes, examples, quotes that can be highlighted and referred to again and again to derive inspiration or an idea about how to go about solving it while facing a difficult hurdle. Most of them are easy to relate to and easy to implement as well. Also, the authors don’t ask you to move mountains to become a leader, they give you simple tips and suggestions and show you a  the simple path to awaken the leader within you.

The best part of the book is that it doesn’t seem like a monologue as is the case with most books on leadership. There are various examples of the lives of successful people and also examples from the seminars and sessions conducted by the authors for various MNCs and organizations. There are also tests or questions for you to answer and compare the results to know what you want, where you stand and what changes you need to make.

It is a book that everyone must read and unlike fiction, it isn’t to be rushed through, but savored every day little by little. Also, to gain maximum from the book, everybody should certainly put the book aside and answer all the questions whenever asked.

Kudos to Mitesh and Indu Khatri for summing up years of research, teachings, experiences and so much more in a small book.
Read it for sure to Awaken The Leader In You 🙂

Connect with the author : Mitesh Khatri

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