The Prophecy Of Trivine : Book Review

The Prophecy of Trivine 
 Tnahsin Garg,  Srivatsan Sridharan and  Pulkit Gupta

My Review:

First of all, kudos to the authors for dabbling into something that not many others from India have ventured in, science-fiction. Also, I can’t fathom how did 3 different people manage to write a novel together!

The alien forces called Gucutep, that were the ones that created the mankind are contemplating destroying the race because the results of the creation aren’t as expected. But the youngest of them all, Xona, who’s also the steward of the creation, objects to immediate termination and asks for one year’s time before taking further decision. After much debate, she’s granted permission.

She travels the Earth and looks all around but she only finds disappointing results. Everywhere the human has only become the biggest enemy of the mankind and is on a self-destruct mode. Humans have become tyrannical, selfish, corrupt and although there are some good men out there, the bad men outnumber the good by a large margin.

Just when she’s convinced that the termination is inevitable, she finds 3 maniacs in a forest who force her to re-think her decision. The first, a mad scientist who pops-up pills instead of food and doesn’t mind putting his own life in line to conduct experiments, Siv. The second, Phil, a wanted convict and an ethical hacker who is on the run because he is wanted in a scam of crores of rupees. The third, Arty, a jungle-boy who lives in jungle and likes to observe nature and paint.

The novel is all about the stories of the 3 men, their past, their present, how they react to the changes in their surroundings and what do they do that makes Xona change her mind.

The authors’ work is commendable for debutantes, but the editor still has some re-work to do. The writing is simple literature-wise where one wouldn’t really need to take assistance of a dictionary. The story moves at a brisk pace all through keeping the readers enthralled and curious about what is to come. One can instantly relate to the 3 characters and feel through their emotions of excitement, curiosity, doubt and their strong bond of friendship. The concepts and theories are nicely built with alien names for aliens and the authors have made it intriguing, but it loses pace post the revelation of the identity of Xona to the 3 friends where it also becomes a bit predictable. It makes for an interesting read but the whole story is so wonderfully set that the climax seems a bit under-whelming.

Over-all, a nice read. And a special mention to the authors for writing in a genre, and wonderfully so, that isn’t really popular in India. 

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