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When Chandru Bhojwani, the author of Love, That Shit contacted me requesting a review, I was in a dilemma whether to accept it or not. Usually, I stay away from the self-help genre and prefer fiction, but the book was on relationships and the blurb also seemed really interesting. I finally gave in and agreed to review the book and I am really glad I did so.

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The book consists of 23 different chapters, each starting with a quote (often hilarious, some inspiring) and often ending on a humorous note. In between, each chapter is filled with lots of information, anecdotes, examples to say to the readers that relationships are hard work and taxing. But it also tells us that we are not alone who has been doled out this shit and that everybody else in some form or another goes through the same very phase.

The best thing about the book is that it isn’t a continuous story. So, a reader can jump to any chapter or begin reading from middle, yet he won’t feel lost and each chapter has a lot of information to give. But, the best thing to do would be to read it from the beginning as topics are nicely segregated that way.

Often, it seems more of a monologue or an extended column, where the author is talking to us through his words and he talks a lot. A LOT. He talks about various things ranging from single men/women and their attitudes, different situations in relationships, common perceptions about love, matrimony blues, arranged and love marriages, different types of MIL (mother-in-law) and FIL (father-in-law), why marriages fail these days etc.

No the book isn’t only about love, relationships, men, women and marriages. The book also has a spiritual angle towards it and many chapters also deal with dealing with tough situations in life as well. Some of them are break-up/divorce, soul-cleaning, karmic connection, fear of change and the Ex factor.

The writing style is crisp, funny, witty, humorous yet enlightening in it’s own way. Lots of things discussed in this book are worth pondering over and implementing in our (love) lives as well. This book will touch a chord with every person who has ever been in a relationship, who is in a relationship and the ones who are soon to be in a relationship can learn a lot from this book as well.

Although the book is all of 143 pages, a lot of research has gone behind it and a lot of topics are covered. It doesn’t promise to give answers or solutions to all of your problems in relationships, but it gives you a nice perspective to look at situations that almost every person faces in relationships.

Makes for a nice read.

The author can be reached at : Chandru Bhojwani

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  1. Chandru Bhojwani says:

    Thrilled you enjoyed it, Jigar.

  2. parwatisingari says:

    sounds interesting.

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