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These days there are various matrimonial sites on the internet that are acting like the cupid for people who are either so busy in their work or are unlucky enough to not get married by a certain age. No Neeta Iyer‘s isn’t another matrimonial website but it is the title of her debut novel. is the story of Swati Kannan who is 29 years old, wants to get settled ASAP but has been largely unsuccessful in finding the ‘perfect’ match. She too takes the help of matrimonial sites to find prospective grooms but unfortunately only attracts different kinds of clowns.

The book is about the search of a groom by Swati in which she meets 10 different guys and goes on a date with them to know them better but ends up hating each of them and ends up shouting “NEXT!” at the end of each date as most of them are either searching for a better ‘model’ in the market and keep her in the hanging or are confused about settling down or don’t attract her.

She is a die-hard romantic and believes that, like it happens in Bollywood movies, her ghanti (bell) will also bajegi (ring) when she meets the ‘right’ person. But, when her heart accepts someone, the opposite guy has some problems and when the opposite guy is certain that she is the ‘one’, she has her own doubts about the guy or about ‘them’ together.

So, at the end of this long search, she is still single and fed up of the free coffee dates and men in general. She wants to take a break from groom-hunting and be off-men and off-coffee for a few days.

As the blurb asks, Par Swati ki ghanti bajegi kya? You’ll just have to read to find out, won’t you?

Needless to say, has a happy ending.
Happy endings are my favourite. But they wouldn’t be perceived as being happy without the inevitable struggles in the journey to the much-desired destination, says Neeta Iyer.
Couldn’t agree with her more.

The narration is hilarious and more often than not leaves the reader in splits. Neeta has perfectly showcased the psyche of Swati and described all her troubles, frustrations, experiences convincingly. Of course, some co-incidences are too good to be believed and some are stereotypical, but the funny narration more than makes up for them.

Ritu, as Swati’s best-friend and free counsellor, is also hilarious. She has the right advice all the times and although some of her predictions do go wrong, Swati loves her free sessions with Ritu. Swati’s mother, Mrs. Kannan, is modern yet wants a Punjabi munda for her child, showing the traditional orthodoxy that almost every Indian child has to face. Her father, Mr. Kannan, is soft-spoken and man of few words but lets her daughter be and doesn’t force her into anything against her wishes. There’s also a special appearance from Ms. Jyoti, one of Swati’s school teacher who is very fond of her.

Sometimes, I didn’t understand what the extra hahaha were added for in the conversations. Also, the end is rather abrupt or so I felt. Some more wooing, some more pestering would have been fun.

Neeta Iyer has debuted brilliantly with and it is a light, warm and hilarious read.

Connect with the author here : (FB) and Neeta Iyer (Twitter)

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  1. Harshita Srivastava says:

    An amazing book indeed, just like the author herself 🙂
    Nice review

  2. Rubina Ramesh says:

    Now this is one book I have to look out for.. Lovely Review Jigar…:)

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