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Hailing from a small town Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and currently residing in Gurgaon, Tanmay N Dubey works as a sales manager in a reputed MNC. No wonder that the protagonist Atul of his debut novel, Just Six Evenings, also wants to be an employee of an MNC.

source : goodreads

source : goodreads

Atul, a resident of Raipur, was an average student in academics since the beginning and so he couldn’t clear any of the competitive exams. To prove his ‘worth’ and to be ‘successful’ in life, he had to bag a job in a big MNC or else he would be written off as another loser by the society. But which MNC would give an average student a job? None.

He is offered a job in a small electronics company by his father’s friend in Bhopal and he readily accepts it. Being amicable and talkative, he soon becomes a good salesman and slowly climbs the ladder of hierarchy and success in the small organization.

Once, while returning from vacations, he happens to meet Priya in the train, a management student based in Indore. They become friends, sort of, and exchange email ids. He is attracted towards her and luck favors him as she happens to be in town for 6 days. The story of this book is about their six ‘dates’ on those six evenings. Hence the title, Just Six Evenings.

Due to internal politics, back-hand deals of his boss with their competitors, in spite of winning a tender, Atul has to bear the brunt and has to leave the job. He happens to screw-up his love-life with Priya on the last of the six evenings because he couldn’t control himself and the woman with whom he lost control happens to be the love-interest of one of his best-friends. In just one evening, he screws up his job, friendship, career and he is forced to leave town and start afresh.

He soon gets to the top position in the new company with his talent, talkative skills and excellent salesmanship. Everyone in his new office is either jealous of him or envy him or want to be as successful in handling customers as he is. He considers himself successful, but deep with-in he also feels lonely and guilty for screwing up with Priya and his best-friend.

He is supposed to get a promotion and a big pay-hike but only a tender stands in his way. To discuss the same he arranges a meeting with the prospective client firm and Priya happens to be the head of that firm. Atul has just six days to get the tender cleared and just six evenings to win over Priya.

Would Priya forgive Atul? Will Atul get the tender cleared? Or would Priya bring their personal differences in the way of professional relationship? Is Priya seeing someone or is she still in love with Atul? What would Atul give more preference to – his relationship or his career? To know the answers for these questions, you’d have to read the novel.

The story-line is simple and the plot moves forward at a leisurely pace. The author clearly shows the current scenario of the corporate world where people have to play a lot of internal politics to reach at the top and in the process how one has to sacrifice so many things, especially relationships.
The angle of spiritualism and philosophy through Guruji or Sir is also wonderful where he speaks very less but advises effectively and his teachings are also worth-following. Sir also plays an important role in the story-line near the climax.
The scenes with his two best-friends Ramakant and Lovely are funny and hilarious.
The love story with Priya, although paced-through and under-developed, is kind of sweet and cute.

The most annoying thing while reading is errors and this book has loads and loads of grammatical and spelling errors. Clearly, the editor has to re-work a lot.
Too much of technical jargon about corporate and also about marketing/salesmanship may not interest everybody.
Some instances are too good to be believable and some are stretched so long that they tend to become annoying.
At 381 pages, it is way too lengthy.

Overall, a fine read.

Connect with the author here : Tanmay Dubey

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