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source : wikipedia.org

source : wikipedia.org

Jai Ho is a blockbuster in the making. Well, of late, all of Bhai’s films are. You don’t need a story, you don’t need terrific performances, you don’t need brilliant direction or cinematography when you have Salman Bhai in your film. Now that he is in his golden periods of Bollywood journey, whatever he touches turns to gold.

Jai Ho is also going to be a super-duper and a blockbuster hit. The only thing that is left to be seen is that which records are broken, which records remain intact and how many new records does Salman Bhai’s Jai Ho registers.

For those of you who don’t know, Jai Ho is the remake of Chiranjeevi starrer Telugu movie, Stalin (2006). Although Stalin wasn’t as big a hit as it was expected to be, it did touch chords with its beautiful message of helping 3 people and in turn asking them to help 3 more people and soon the world would be a better place to live in.

Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan), an ex-army officer, has made helping people his motto and his mission. He believes that one need not necessarily be a politician or a big man to help people, in fact, he believes that even a single man can make a difference.

When he sets out on the helping spree, he expects that people would readily accept his message and immediately start working on helping other people. But, people are so busy in their own lives that they don’t find time to help others even if they really want to. Not to be disappointed, he stays optimistic.

In one of his helping sprees, he rubs the wrong side of the shoulder of the home minister and thus begins their quarrel. The minister is hell bent on destroying Jai’s family and Jai doesn’t want to bow down to the misuse of political power.

You know what happens next. Yeah, loads of broken walls, broken tiles, broken poles, broken gates, broken and shattered glasses etc. Oh, I forgot the main thing, loads of broken bones too! Finally, Jai wins and so does his message and people really go out of their way to help other people.

This is exclusively Salman Bhai’s film. So, in spite of having so many actors in the movie, it’s Bhai who hogs the maximum limelight.
Tabu plays Bhai’s sister in the movie and Mahesh Thakur as his brother-in-law. Nadira Babbar (wife of Raj Babbar) plays his loud Punjabi mom.
Danny Denzongpa plays the home minister. Sana Khan (Big Boss fame) and Harooz Qazi (gives a solid competition to Salman Bhai in terms of body) play his children and they both also cause much trouble to Jai Agnihotri.
The uninhibited debutante, Daisy Shah plays Jai’s interest Gujarati-girl, Pinky in the movie. She has quite a few comic scenes to her credit. (Also, she looks like Rani Mukherjee in certain costumes and like Rimi Sen from certain angles.) Resham Tipnis plays Pinky’s loud Gujarati mother.
Ashmit Patel and Yash Tonk play Jai’s brothers who appear all through the movie, but don’t really have much to do.
Among all these, after Salman Bhai, it’s the kid Naman Jain who plays his nephew in the movie that has considerable screen-time and emotes exceptionally well too.
There are special appearances by Genelia Deshmukh, Suniel Shetty, Vatsal Seth, Nauheed Cyrusi, Tulip Joshi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Pancholi, Sharad Kapoor, Mohnish Bahl, Pulkit Samrat (Fukrey fame) and Bruna Abdullah (Grand Masti fame) among others.

Yes, Sohail Khan has been a generous friend and has given most of his friends from the movie Fight Club a chance in this movie too.

Action is too OTT, but is enjoyable. Except for one fight where not just the background music, but even Bhai roars like a lion. Literally. He also bites and scratches just like an enraged animal. Except this one thing, every other action sequence is entertaining. The best sequence was one where Salman Bhai chases the goons on his sports bike.

Music is good, aptly complementing the action scenes. Songs may not be chart-toppers, but they are fun. Choreography is wonderful and certain dance steps performed by Bhai are class-apart, especially when compared to his dance steps in Dabangg series.

Finally, this is a social film with a beautiful message delivered in an entertaining package.

P.S : Those who have already watched Stalin, it is better if you stay away. Because comparisons are bound to happen and Stalin is marginally better than Jai Ho. Especially, the sequences during climax, Stalin had that emotional effect on the viewer, whereas Jai Ho falls flat in that aspect and has the same climax, albeit a comparatively less-emotion-evoking-one.

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