Sweet Talk : An Unexpected Love Story


sweet talkStarring : Natalie Zea, Jeffrey Vincent Parise and Lindsay Hollister

Director : Terri Hanauer

The movie, Sweet Talk, mainly comprises of two people, a broke writer who has stumbled across a writers block and a disturbed woman who works as a phone-sex worker to make ends meet and who nurses a special interest in Russian literature. He calls her and both of them get connected but they don’t do what they are supposed to do, they do the opposite.

Both being seated at their respective places, they talk and imagine. And this imagination takes them places. The imaginative world that they create, changes their lives forever. He fights duels, He kills the Count, elopes with the Countessa and makes love to her in the chilly wintery night in between two cars of a moving train.

And boom, the imagination is off and he signs off with a Latin phrase “post coitum omne animal triste est” which means “after sex, men are sad.” (Googling tells me, it actually means ‘after sex, every animal is sad except a rooster and a woman’)

He makes his character die in the hands of police and says that it was just that. She is devastated and feels cheated. She calls back wanting for more. And the rest of the movie is about another  imagination, another journey and another life-changing experience.

The movie is neither salacious, provocative, titillating nor vulgar. The movie is what it says it is, an unexpected love story.
Both the lead actors, although not well-known, but totally gorgeous, ‘Natalie Zea‘ as Delilah and ‘Jeffrey Vincent Parise‘ as Samson, are really engaging and sweet. Most of the movie revolves around these two and is almost shot in just two rooms.
The movie is about 1.32 hrs long and is a really sweet one. Of course, the plot is hackneyed and cliched, but it is still a fun watch.

Pretty decent watch. Inspires you and engulfs you in the vivid and imaginative journey.

Here’s the beautiful trailer of the movie:

Image source : SweetTalkTheMovie.com

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