R…Rajkumar – Movie Review

source: en.wikipedia.org

source: en.wikipedia.org

R..Rajkumar, which was first scheduled to be Rambo Rajkumar, but after legal tussles, was changed to Romeo Rajkumar.

Of late, there have been many remakes of South movies in Bollywood. This one, isn’t a remake of a single movie, but has borrowed bits and pieces from so many movies. Thus, technically, there is nothing new in the story. Although, there are a few novel ideas, the over-all plot seems totally trite.

There are two warring goons or drug dealers in a small village, Shivraj (Sonu Sood) and Manik Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi). Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor) joins Shivraj’s gang and soon becomes his right hand. Rajkumar falls in love with Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha) who happens to be Manik’s niece. As a compromise and to stop quarrels, Shivraj and Manik join hands and Manik offers Sonakshi’s hands in marriage to Shivraj. Rest of the story is about the identity of Rajkumar and how he fights back to marry Chanda.

Shahid is energetic. Lots of his dance moves were hardcore South steps. And the thigh-thumping that he does a couple of times, before fighting, is also a southern gesture to show power. Of course, even with the beard, Shahid looks like a chocolate boy, which somehow makes Shahid as a hardcore-action-hero unconvincing. Or so I feel.


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Sonakshi isn’t just another by-stander or an eye-candy in the movie, but she has a full-fledged role in the movie. In fact, her entry is with an action scene where she is thrashing 4 goons at a time. Hell, yeah!
But she is really annoying in certain scenes. And she looks really really really scary in this!

Both Sonu Sood and Ashish Vidyarthi were both menacing and funny at the same time.
Late Srihari, who passed away in an untimely death recently, has a decent cameo as Ajit Taaka, the don.
Asrani and Mukul Dev also have ample screen-time and have given decent performances.

The background score is wonderful, ably complementing the action. Also, “Gandi Baat” featuring Charmy Kaur is really catchy. ‘Kaddu Katega’ is another ‘item song’ in the movie. Rest of the songs are alright.

Many may find it annoying and irritating, but I personally found it a fun one-time watch.
Quirky humor, a bit of romance, hardcore action and few verbal punches. That’s R…Rajkumar for you. Watchable.

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