Love, you can never have too much of it! :)


(Angrily) “Guess, you never really loved me. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have let me go so easily. It’s been 3 long days and not a single call or message from you.”

“I was the one who always said that you’re free to leave at any given point. If you ever feel that you aren’t happy with me and you want to go, I wouldn’t force you to stay.
I love you. Truly, madly & deeply. From the bottom of my heart.
And that’s why I didn’t stop you when you said you wanted to leave.
Now, if you left just to see whether I would stop you or not, then I think that, that thought is absurd and stupid.
Or if you are dying to be with me but just want me to plead you to come back in my life, then forget it. I’m never pleading, even if it is you, the one and only girl whom I’ve truly considered as ‘mine’ in my life.
As for 3 days, it’s just been 3 days ;)”

(Even more agitated) “You’ll say all this but you will never accept your mistake. Ever.”

“If it were a mistake, I’d have surely accepted. Just because you consider it to be a mistake, doesn’t mean it is a mistake and I ought to apologize.”

“Apologizing isn’t important. Just acknowledge. That’s more than enough. Learn to let go of your ego and try and give me more importance and to our relationship.”

(Angered, but trying to keep cool)
“My dear girl, you left me all of a sudden just for a stupid thought that was instigated by one of your friends. You let an outsider between us.
You broke all your vows we had taken ages ago just to prove some silly thing to a silly friend of yours.
You never considered how I’d survive without you when you knew that I was more dependent on you than you were dependent on me.
I never wanted to tell this, but now that you’ve raised the point, here it is. I changed my habits, avoided certain people, stopped doing things I loved the most and started doing things even if I hated doing them. Why? For you. For us.
After all this, if you think that I gave and give more importance to my ego than our relationship, then I guess something is wrong.”

“You and your sarcasm. I agree I’ve committed some small errors in the past, but why bring those out of the grave now? Let them go. Focus on the point troubling us now.”

“You went away because you wanted a ‘break.’ You didn’t return because I didn’t plead you to. Now what’s the point really? Because, for me, the one who leaves is the one who has to come back. I never left and so it’s you who has to return.”

“See, this is the ego that I am talking about. So, what if I left? Can’t you make a call? Or at least send me a text. A silly friggin’ text would’ve done it.”
(Calming down.)
“Right. I left because I wanted a break. Because we became so close that I couldn’t imagine even a single second without you. I wanted you to be with and around me every single moment. I didn’t want you to be with someone else, even if they were just a friend. I didn’t want you to make all those compromises. I didn’t want myself to be so demanding. So, I had to leave to unwind myself, to stop myself from being totally dependent on you and to be able to live without you too just like you can live without me.”

(Trying to act too smart)
“Of course I could. Making a call or sending a text is not a big deal. But, how were I to know that your ‘break’ was over and that you were waiting for me to call or text.”
(Not to invite trouble)
And, first, your assumption that I can live without you is wrong. I cannot.
Second, you feel that I made those compromises forcibly. When I talked about the compromises, I wasn’t blaming you that I had to make those compromises to be with you. One thing you need to remember is that I wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t want to do. So, if I made those compromises, be rest assured that I did them on my own and not under any kind of coercion.
Third, love is one of those few things that you can never have too much of it. There is always space for some more. :)”

(Not wanting to argue anymore)
“I know that you wouldn’t do anything that you didn’t want to. I was afraid of losing myself to you. I didn’t want to become what I was becoming.”

“And, if I may, what were you becoming?”

“A jealous, selfish, demanding and possessive bit*h! Yeah, that is what I was becoming.”

“Aww. You know it’s really cute when you start this self-deprecating thing.”

(Giving in)
“See, you’ve that effect on me. You’ve completely transformed me into someone I am not. You’ve stirred the feelings deep with-in me that I never knew they existed in me. I never had those feelings for anybody else and I never thought that some day, I would turn out to be like this. I hate myself. I don’t want to be like what I have become. I want to be more like you. So caring, loving, compassionate, compromising yet so undemanding and indifferent.”

“Excuse me? Indifferent?”

“Yeah, indifferent. You are just so cool all the time. No, not that cool, btw, you are very cool too, but right now, am not talking of that cool, you just don’t get angry. You don’t show any emotions at all, as if you don’t have a heart at all. You are totally cool when I talk about other guys, you are totally cool when I talk about all the guys who proposed me, you are totally cool when I talk about my crushes and you are totally cool when I talk about liking some guy. And, I am not. I get hyper even at the mention of another girl.
I said I wanted a break for 2 days and you just let me go. Without a single fret or any questions or explanations. You just let me be. That is what I am talking about.”

“But, that’s just the sweet, caring and loving girl with-in you and I have no complaints whatsoever about it.
As for the break, I guess I didn’t think much. I just wanted you to be happy.”

“That’s the point. You know my flaws and you adjust and you don’t make a fuss about it. And I am not like that. If I see a flaw, I would want to correct it. I would want to change it in you.
And I can’t ever let you go even for 2 hours, let alone for 2 days. I would be constantly thinking about you and about the thing that was bothering you and I would want to meet you and hug you and be around you.”

“Well, may be, that is just me.”

“Yeah, I know. That is just you. And that is why I love you..”

” Yeah, I love you too :* ”

“And, my happiness is with you. Not by being away from you.”

“I know..”

“No, you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t let me go on that silly ‘break’ and you would have stopped me. Or, at least, called me after two days.”

(Head-smacking) “Yeah, right..”

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