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dhoom 3

Starring : Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff, Siddharth Nigam

Director : Vijay Krishna Acharya

Dhoom 3 is the third installment of the Dhoom franchise, one of the most successful franchises of Indian cinema. It promises you everything that the franchise has become famous for, robbery, chase, action, stunts and an antagonist that over-shadows the protagonists.

Way back in 1990, Iqbal Khan (Jackie Shroff) ran a circus called “The Great Indian Circus” in Chicago but was forced to shut down by the bank owners who only “understand the world of money” and nothing else, because he owed them money and he was unable to pay it. Young Sahir (Siddharth Nigam) – beautiful performance by the kid – who saw his dad committing suicide in front of his eyes, vows to avenge it.
So, technically the villain of this movie is not Aamir Khan but the villain is a bank.

The next scene we see is that the money is flowing around and adult Sahir (Aamir Khan) is running down the building through the pillars. Doesn’t make sense, right? Precisely. (Well, we are later shown mamu was attached to a wire. Where was the support? Stupid question.)

So, he is on the run and the Chicago police is so adept that they surround Aamir mamu instantly with cars and block his way. But, of course, he escapes. How? By jumping above the cars. Why? Because earth’s gravitational pull doesn’t work on him. Hey wait, when you didn’t ask about gravity earlier while Aamir mamu was running down the building, you have no rights whatsoever to ask about gravity now! What were the policemen doing, you ask? Good question. They had their guns in their hands but were in so awe of the stunts of Aamir that they didn’t want to shoot him. Makes sense? No? Precisely.

So, the ‘thief’ leaves a “Bank waalo ki toh aisi ki taisi” at the crime scene and a mask of a clown a la The Joker. Immediately ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali are flown in to solve the case and everybody from the Chicago police takes a backseat. Why? Told you they were in awe of Aamir mamu and so cannot shoot him.
How are they received? By a lady officer on a bike. Why? Another stupid question. Hey, the cars are stuck in the blockade, man!

Okay, now let us introduce the gorgeous and the beautiful heroine of the movie who has a special appearance. Yeah, Katrinaexcept when she isn’t singing, dancing, performing acrobats wearing as little clothes as possible, or doing a strip-tease/audition in front of Aamir mamu, she doesn’t appear in the movie at all. If my memory serves right, she speaks only in 4 scenes in the movie. May be 5. Aaliya (Katrina Kaif) performs with Sahir at The Great Indian Circus and eventually falls in love with him and she always refers to him as ‘boss’

You remember our Jai had that bimari in Dhoom 1 and Dhoom 2? Even if he knew who the criminal was, he would wait for the crime to be committed and then try and catch him red-handed? Well, he is cured himself of that disease. And that makes Jai seem incompetent and – in a  way – ‘foul’ to me.

So, just before interval we are given a twist, which most of us would easily guess with the proceedings. (So, yeah, the rumors floating around long ago were true.) It’s just that you know what the twist is going to be, but still, you somehow hope that it wouldn’t be ‘it’. Sadly, it is.

Somehow, in spite of all these fallacies, stupidity, unbelievable action sequences, unconvincing, boring and long chases, the movie holds up itself pretty well. Partly, because of Aamir mamu. Partly, because it seems a bit fast paced.

Post interval session is where the movie hits a road-block, no pun intended. There is so much happening yet the movie doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There is no action, there is not much comedy, the only thing there seems to be is what isn’t supposed to be, bromance. You read it right, it isn’t romance, it is bromance. Although, there is a hint of a little romance between Aamir mamu and Katrina, but mamu clearly has more chemistry with Abhishek than with Katrina.

So, finally, the dice gets rolling and we enter the final act of the movie before arriving at a cliched yet unexpected climax. Again the chase sequences are excruciatingly long that you begin to lose interest. Probably, fearing the same, Director Vijay Krishna Acharya (of Tashan fame) has developed a solid way of arresting audiences’ interest. Brace yourself, he introduces you to a Transformers bike. The bike transforms itself from bike to boat to submarine to bike, as need be. Wonderful, na?
After another long chase and nothing to do, director takes inspiration from Rohit Shetty and blows a few cars mid-air. This scene particularly is so badly edited that even a kid can make out that these cars do not collide but are deliberately made to fly and smash into other cars.

We also have a few subtle social messages here and there about money being the real power and rich people taking advantage of the ‘filled pockets’ and India getting ‘independence’ only when the rich stop doing this.
About how banks are cunning and that they are criminals.
About how sometimes there are no rights or wrongs and that one is forced to do what one does.

Abhishek’s Jai  is the same khadoos cop who is always pissed off at everything. He does smile occasionally, apart from that, mostly has the same expression all through the movie. Hey Aditya Chopra, get Sweety and their child back in his life in Dhoom 4, may be he would liven up a little.

Uday’s Ali, is one the best aspects of this movie. He provides the much needed humor in the movie, although most of it is self-deprecating. Totally missed his ‘tapori’ song in this movie. Remember ‘Dilbara’ and “Escoos me to please” ? One thing I don’t understand is why was he sidelined so much? Uday, almost has a guest appearance too.

AamirAamir mamu is undoubtedly the star of the movie. Except when he isn’t making that smirk-face, he is totally cool and likable and in a few scenes, you actually hope that he won’t be caught. (Of course you know that he won’t be caught, but still.) He once again proves that why he is the star that he is and that why he is called Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood. Not his best, but one of his best performances. But, hey choreographer, what were you thinking when you convinced yourself that mamu can succeed at Tap Dancing?

There is nothing new in the background music as the Dhoom theme keeps playing every now and then. Songs aren’t catchy but they have been beautifully picturised, especially Malang and Kamli. The time spent in learning acrobats and gymnasium is worth it as the Malang song has been beautifully made. Kudos to Aamir mamu and Kats for their efforts.

If you are a Hollywood buff, you’d know that the basic theme has certain similarities with the recently released Louis Leterrier directed Now You See Me, where avenging father’s death was the main story-line of the movie.
The real magical act is ‘inspired’ from Christopher Nolan’s Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale starrer “The Prestige”
Apart from that, Aamir tries to be Iron Man’s RDJ in a few ‘planning and preparatory’ scenes.
Certain chase sequences are ‘inspired’ from Tom Cruise’s MI series.
As they say, “Everyone copies, what matters is how subtly you copy.”

Final word:
Dhoom 3 runs on the power of Dhoom franchise + Aamir Khan + YRF. Katrina, Abhishek, Uday chip in with their respective special appearances, but its Aamir who hogs the limelight the most.
Watch it, but leave your brains behind. Certainly not worth the exorbitantly inflated rates though.

P.S Have you watched Aamir Khan’s episode in Koffee with Karan Season 4?
There Karan says, “That was the most over-acting you’ve ever done in your whole career.” Well, in a few scenes, mamu outshines himself.

P.P.S : Personally, I found Kabir and Mr. A much better antagonists than Sahir. Or let’s just say, John and Hrithik were better than Aamir as antagonists.

(Images source : yashrajfilms.com)

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