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Gone are the days when parents wanted their child to be an engineer, doctor or an M.B.A graduate. There was a time where children had no say in their future and had to blindly oblige to their parents’ demands and orders. The children had no freedom to speak their minds or the independence to follow their dreams. The times are changing now.

These days, many alternative career options have come up for the youth. Instead of confining themselves to just 3-4 career options, they have the option of widening their horizon and become a part of the corporate world through some unconventional (but highly lucrative) career options.

The trouble of our educational system is that, every year, there are thousands of graduates and post-graduates that pass out from the colleges, but only 10-12% of these are readily employable and all others lack even the basic employable skills.

One thing that everyone can be assured of is that with just theoretical knowledge, nobody is going to achieve any success at landing a high-paying, satisfaction-giving job. One needs to have a separate skills-set to be employable and more often than not, these skills are to be learnt or imbibed on our own and not all of these skills can be taught.

Thus, not everybody can land themselves a job that will fill their pockets. Instead of taking up menial jobs whose pay is in 8k-12k range, youth can look at careers that gives them the freedom to work in their own way, at their own pace, according to their own desires, and get well paid too.

Some of the alternate career options for the youth are:

1) Soft-skills trainer: The best thing one can do to earn one’s living is to supply those goods that are missing from the market. Becoming a soft-skills trainer is the best option for someone who is good at English, has communication skills and has no qualms in speaking for hours on end.

At the institute, all one has to do is to encourage people to come on to the dais and make them speak. One has to encourage, inspire, mingle with them, make them comfortable, teach them and also learn at the same time.

It is a cake-walk. Technically, you don’t do much work, you get abundant amusement and have great fun and still get paid hugely.

2) Chef: In today’s world, education and hospitality are two such businesses which will never run into losses. If you are good at cooking, becoming a chef is the best career-option for you. It is not an easy job to be cooking food, but not really a taxing job either. Once you make a mark for yourself, not only the pay increases, but your work also decreases as you will have a team of chefs under you and all you have to do is supervise the proceedings.

You do realize that being a good chef is an unavoidable attraction, right? There is a saying in Hindi that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. And women find those men, who can cook, immensely attractive.

3) Training Institute: If you have capital and can manage to find some good lecturers, you can start a training institute for competitive exams. There are various entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, G-MAT, TOEFL etc that thousands of students write every year all over the country. The more the quality of teaching you maintain, the more the students would turn up and the more income for you.

If you don’t have the capital, you can always become a private tutor. You can either go home to home tutoring or start a batch at your own place. With the pressures of competitive world, more and more parents are finding it difficult to find time to take care of the studies of their children. They are willing to pay more provided you take care of their children’s studies. More number of children you can manage, the more you can earn.

4) Creativity: If you are one of those with a creative side, you will be surprised to realize that you can earn money through your hobbies. Be it writing, painting, poetry, singing or dancing, there is a market for everything.

You can always pen down a novel. With talent, quality, good editorial and marketing team, you can become a best-selling author in no time. Okay, I was being a bit harsh. You don’t really need quality, all you need to do is include some ‘masala’ in your novel, i.e., entertainment, a love story, a couple of love-making scenes and bingo, you are a star already!

You can always write blogs if you think you can’t afford to write 75000 words novel. Stick to a niche, connect with fellow bloggers in the niche, sign up for google adsense, keep posting great articles at regular intervals, traffic will automatically flow in. More the traffic and name your blog generates, the more will be the advertisers lining up to place their ads on your blog, making you rich for just writing some 1000-words articles every week.

Similarly, with poetry too you can take the same route. Either get your poems published or put them on some blog and wait for some good publisher to take notice of them.

Singing, Dancing and Choreography are some other fields that are in demand as of now. Thanks to movies, these professions are no more a taboo and some also take professional courses to ace their dancing, singing and choreography skills.
Movie-world also requires talented writers, lyricists, screen-play writers, editors and assistants.

5) Beauty salons: Until recently, this field was pre-dominantly exclusive to women folk. Now, the times have changed. More and more men are taking that extra interest in self-grooming and looking presentable all the times. Thus, more and more men are visiting beauty salons these days. From hair-cutting, shaving, facial, scrub massage, bleaching, hair-styling, hair-colouring, waxing and even eye-brows etc., men get various things done at salons these days. And not just during their wedding preparations as was the norm before.

6) Fitness instructor: Along with incessant obsession for looking good, there is another obsession these days for both men and women, looking fit. If you have enough knowledge about the human physique and about fitness training, you can be an instructor, a dietician or a fitness consultant. If you don’t have much knowledge, then you can simply set up a gym, get latest equipment, get some professional trainers and you are good to go. You will be surprised to see the number of people that would enroll for a membership.

Apart from the above options, youth can always try freelancing, interior designing, photography, social entrepreneurship, business consulting, social media marketing etc.

It’s an endless pool of choices.

(Abridged version first published at The Viewspaper)

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