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killer in high heelsGemma Halliday continues Killer In High Heels from where she left Spying in High Heels. The writing tone is same, hilarious that is; the protagonist is dumb as ever, the setting has moved to the “sin city” Las Vegas from L.A and the investigator is no more just an amateur.

One day, Maddie receives a voicemail from Larry, her real father who had eloped with a showgirl Lola when Maddie was just 3 years old, asking for help. The call is abruptly cut with a gun-shot in the background. She has no number, no address, nothing to go on but for the fact that he was her real father, that he lived in Las Vegas and that he was in danger.

She leaves all her works mid-way and decides to go to Las Vegas and find out what was it all about. She takes Dana along for company. Marco, the receptionist at her step-father’s salon couldn’t resist the urge to visit Las Vegas and becomes the uninvited guest.

A neon blue car has been following Maddie for a while now. She was sure that it was not just paranoia and that she had seen that car following her in L.A, at the highway and also in Las Vegas. But, Dana brushes her off.

Maddie finds out the place Lola lived at but finds the home to be locked. The neighbours tell her that 3 women, or aging drag queens, including Lola, lived there and that they worked at Victoria club. But, by the time Maddie could reach Victoria club, one of the girls, Harriet, had just jumped from the top and committed suicide. Although, it was clear that it was murder.

Maddie continues to snoop around Victoria club and learns that Monaldo, the owner of the club is dealing with Mafia, the family of Marsuccis. Lola, Harriet and Bobby were dancers at the club and did “delivery work” for Monaldo to earn some extra bucks. Ramirez, the unofficial boy-friend of Maddie was working undercover as Bruno, a bouncer for Monaldo to get evidence against him. Ramirez orders, requests, insists, forces Maddie to stay away from the club, but she just wouldn’t listen.

Further snooping tells her that Lola is her father Larry. Harriet was dead, Bobby was missing and the next target of Monaldo was Lola/Larry. In one of her snooping expeditions, she leaves her fingerprints all over Lola’s place where police finds Bobby’s dead body. Maddie is promptly arrested.

Who was following Maddie in the neon blue car? Or was she just paranoid? Why was Monaldo targeting his “delivery guys/girls”? What did they do? How does Maddie manage to get out of the prison? How does she finally help Ramirez in getting the clues? Does the “unofficial” boyfriend turns to “official”? Find answers to these and many such questions in the novel.

As was the prequel, this novel is really hilarious. Especially the climax was really crackling. Maddie is dumb as ever, fashion freak, has expensive tastes and is almost always hungry. She likes to binge at every other opportunity and she never puts on any weight. (Yeah, happens only in fiction!)

Dana, her over-sexed friend goes on dates with every other male she encounters. She is obsessed with fitness and keeps working-out regularly and is very conscious about what she eats. She has a wild streak to herself not only towards men but also towards weapons. Her stun gun and LadySmith do actually come in handy at the end.

Ramirez, the hunk, gets very little action, both in terms of detective work and also in terms of sex. He still manages to get Maddie weak in her knees, or better, between her legs, with that ‘Bad Cop’ brooding of his.

Add to this mayhem, Maddie’s Mom, who is always in a mood to share her sex-escapades with the kids – and mind you, they are not at all kinky but are terrible to listen to –  and her mom’s best-friend, who keeps getting visions; and the setting is complete – stupidity and hilarity, to the maximum.

Light and funny read, just like the first in the series, but slightly better.

Connect with the author here : Gemma Halliday
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