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The movie is totally inspired from the title. It is what it says it is, Besharam, shameless. There is no script, no plot, no chemistry, no love story, only shamelessness and a lot of it.

Babli ( Ranbir Kapoor) – yeah, that’s his name! – is an orphan who lives in an orphanage with other orphans. The orphanage mostly runs on Babli’s money. He is a thief, apparently swiftest one at that. Although he boasts of stealing around 40 cars, the theft with which the movie starts, shows his stupidity more than his expertise at stealing. Everybody in the building wake up, the guards run after him, even the police Chulbul Chautala and Bulbul (Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh) begin to chase him.

He falls in love with Tara (Pallavi Sharda) at a marriage function – where he is welcomed by everyone, although he has clearly gate-crashed – and proposes to her. She calls him Besharam, which he believes is a compliment, and humiliates him. He isn’t heart-broken as he says, “Mere seene me dil nahi, jigar hai jigar!” [I included this line in the review only because it has my name in it :P]

He unknowingly steals Tara’s car and gets hurt when he sees her crying. He willingly offers his help and says that her car is in Chandigarh and that they should go together and get the car back. When her mom asks her to go, Tara says, “Usne mera rape kar diya toh?” and she replies something on the lines of he may be shameless, uncouth, but he is a good-hearted man.

The car is with Bheem Singh (Jaaved Jaaferi) who is the hawala king of Chandigarh who has a doberman sitting in the bonnet and a man with a missile launcher in his car always. And, he certainly won’t return the car. So, what is to be done now? Exactly! Babli has to steal the stolen car again.

Rest of the movie is all about toilet humor, loud and corrupt Bulbul taunting Chulbul everytime for being impotent and not being able to impregnate her, Bulbul forcing him to ask for bribes so as to secure their future, Ranbir showing his hairy cleavage and his butt-crack, taking out socks out of his under-pants – apparently, it gives him credibility for his ‘gun’ – and a bit of cabled fight at the climax, (Cabled fight – people fly in the air, with the help of invisible cables, at kicks and punches and shatter mirrors and windshieds) which unleashes the Sunny Deol within Rishi Kapoor.

There can’t be much to write about a movie that promises to be so much and is┬ánothing in particular. It simply takes it’s inspirations from 80’s and 90’s and is a commercial movie that is supposed to entertain you. It does, actually. In bits and parts. Some scenes are really hilarious, especially the ones where Rishi and Neetu argue with each other. Ranbir Kapoor, often dressed like Govinda/Mithun, tries to emulate Shammi Kapoor and his monkey-like antics, some of which are really hilarious and some are really cringe-worthy.

For a debutante, Pallavi is very uninhibited. Her character is shown as someone who is urban, modern, dignified and all, but her dancing is too energetic and massy to conform with the above. Especially the moves in the last 2 songs, you wouldn’t want to be in her way lest she breaks your ankle or stamps your foot. Although, Ranbir and Pallavi are supposed to be the lead pair, her chemistry is more with her Merc than with Ranbir.

Jaaved Jaaferi is best suited for comedy and certainly not for the villainous roles. He doesn’t have much to do here, except for having a smirk on his face all the time and keep glaring. In the last few minutes, there are a couple of hints and comedy from him, but that is that.

Often, such movies try to rely on good music to compensate for their stupidity. Here, neither the songs are hummable nor the music is memorable. The choreographer probably just sat around and asked Ranbir to jump all over the place. Also the songs arrive at regular intervals, literally after every few minutes, stalling the screenplay.

Yet, this movie is to be watched. For the Kapoor family. For their energy. For the antics of all the 3. For they seem to be having fun, a lot of it. And also for the fun, albeit little, that they have to offer.

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