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WMREI read Right Fit Wrong Shoe about a year or so ago. It had the chapter names based on Bollywood movies and it was hilarious. The lead protagonists, Aditya and Nandini, were arguing all the time and ready to cut each-other’s throats at the earliest opportunity, but eventually they fall in love. It was a fun read and I remember that the characters of Aditya and Nandini had stayed with me for a long time.

So, when I learnt that Varsha Dixit was penning it’s sequel, Wrong Means Right End, I was visibly excited and a bit apprehensive too. Excited because I knew I could get to be with my favorite characters Aditya and Nandini a bit more. Apprehensive because, I knew that my expectations would be sky-high from the novel and I didn’t want to be disappointed. Needless to say, my apprehensions were futile and not needed.

Aditya and Nandini got married. And they are living happily. He still loves her as if she is the only woman in the world and she still worships him. The days of their fights are a distant-memory.
As we know, when everything is going good in our life, either God doesn’t like it, or the people that He made, do not.

Gayatri is back in town. Yes, the same girl to whom Aditya was engaged to and he called off the engagement to marry Nandini. Yes, she is still in love with him and she still wants him.
You know, it’s okay to have feelings towards married men, but it is not okay to let your moronic friends know about those feelings.

Mona, a hitch, can’t see Nandini happy and so she hatches a plan to create differences between Aditya and Nandini. She almost succeeds in it until Sneha, best-friend of Nandini and the actual protagonist of this novel, intervenes. She not only falters Mona’s plan, but also saves Aditya’s life.

Sneha is divorced now and is raising Advey, a toddler, with the help of her maid, Amla. Her life was going good with Aditya, Nandini, Advey and Amla being her only world apart from work.
Nandini becomes the shaadi.com for Sneha and fixes her on blind dates every other weekend. Nandini tries to hook her up with any Tom, Dick and Harry that she can get hold of.
All is going good in their lives and then, Mona succeeds in creating differences between Nandini and Sneha, because Mona knew that as long as Sneha was with Nandini, she wouldn’t be able to carry out her master-plan.

Gayatri is in town with her cousin, Nikhil, our male protagonist. Nikhil and Aditya have just collaborated for a business and Nikhil and Sneha freeze as they meet unexpectedly. Just like Aditya and Nandini couldn’t stand each other in the beginning of RLWS, Nikhil and Sneha cannot stand each other because they have had a history, a not so beautiful memory.

Sneha totally avoids Nikhil and whenever they have to forcibly talk, her words are sharper than the sharpest glass piece for Nikhil. She HATES him.
On the other hand, although he too avoids her and doesn’t talk to her much, his reasons are completely different. He doesn’t want to talk to her because she has become very attractive. She has become much more matured than when they had met last. She gets into his heart and disturbs him. The more he tries to keep her thoughts at bay, the more he ends up thinking about her. He doesn’t like the effect that she has on him and that is why he avoids her because he doesn’t want to get weak in front of her.

But, when Nikhil learns about Mona’s and Gayatri’s dumb plan, he informs Sneha and she, with the help of Nikhil manages to save Aditya before Mona causes any real damange.

Yes, Nikhil helped Sneha. He expects her to be grateful, which she is. But, still, their equation with each other doesn’t change.
When a woman is head over heels in love with a man, he will want to avoid her. And when she avoids him, he will run after her.

They end up being with each other much more than they would want to. They still argue a lot, but eventually develop a soft corner for each other. They begin to respect each other, look up to each other and finally fall in love.

But, a not-so minor goof-up comes in their way. So much so that he asks her to leave him alone. She is shattered and devastated. But, she has no choice.

What happens with Gayatri? Does she simply leave or does she come back? What do Aditya and Nandini do to help Sneha? Does Nikhil come back to Sneha or not? Read WMRE and find out the answers to these and some other questions.

The writing is brilliant. Brilliant characterization that you instantly warm up to them. Such romantic set-up that you sometimes feel that tingling sensation with-in you. Also, it is so hilarious that I literally started laughing out loud. The abuses with a letter jumbled here or there, hitch for instance, are very funny. Most of the time, a wide smile is plastered across your face as you keep reading the novel. It has everything, friendship, romance, luxury, humor, sentiment, deception and love. A lot of it.

Dear girls, a disclaimer for you. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO READ VARSHA DIXIT’S NOVELS. Because, the characters of Aditya and Nikhil are so wonderful, they are rich, highly successful businessmen, handsome hunks, so loving, so caring and so besotted by their women.
And, more often than not, you would expect the men in your real life to be as these 2 fictional characters. And, finding such characters in real life is next to impossible.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, there is a character named Jigar in the novel. But, he has just one dialogue.
Hopefully, next time, Varsha would give my name to a better character with longer presence in her upcoming novel! 😉

Also, there is a mention of Nishant Kaushik, just once, who is the author of Conditions Apply.

I have read many Indian authors. Most of the Engineers and IIT/IIM grads use sex only to add masala entertainment in their novels. But, Varsha has described very passionate and romantic love-making in the novel and I must say, she writes it very well, much better than (some of) her Indian male counterparts.

I immensely enjoyed reading this novel. You will too. Go grab it.

Connect with the author here – Varsha Dixit

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  1. Nice Review..I guess I will read it too.. 🙂

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