Mistakes Like Love And Sex : Novel Review

source : madhuribanerjee.com

source : madhuribanerjee.com

Madhuri Banerjee is a multi-talented professional and Mistakes Like Love And Sex is her second novel. She is an author, writer, director, executive producer, columnist and also a mother. Her first novel, Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas was a best-seller. It introduced Kaveri to the world. The 21st century woman who was strong, modern, urban, intelligent, courageous, matured, well-traveled and who was looking for true love, but found all the men either boring or stupid.

In LMVAODI, Kaveri has an affair with a married man, gets her heart-broken, participates in a reality show, has an adventurous balloon ride and decides to be away from men, because she doesn’t find anyone interesting or worthy of her time.

Mistakes Like Love and Sex starts with an erotic and sensuous love-making of Kaveri and her boy-friend of 2 years in Barcelona. Just when she was dreaming about settling down and marrying him, she finds out that he has been straying for a while and that he wasn’t ready for commitment yet.

She immediately leaves the house and comes back to Mumbai. Although, she was teaching Arts in Barcelona and she wanted to do something that would keep her in constant touch with art, she doesn’t find any job in any of the art galleries in Mumbai. As she was a multi-linguist who spoke 7 languages, she was hired by a producer to work as a translator for a Russian heroine, Bela, who had just taken Bollywood by a storm with her looks but her Hindi wasn’t perfect yet.

Unwillingly, she takes up the job to support herself economically and she is instantly drawn towards the fake world of showbiz. Although, she hates it in the beginning and feels like she doesn’t belong here, with time, she feels like showbiz was her new calling. And, she becomes the best-friend of Shyamolie, the designer.

In the meantime, she has an affair with a software professional, Sidhant, a billionaire who keeps pampering her with gifts and luxurious lunches and dinners and provides her great sex. Just when she decides to ‘settle-down’ with him, on her birthday party, she learns that her best-friend Aditi and he were once f**k-buddies. She is devastated and shattered and asks for a ‘break’ in their relationship.

In the ‘break’, she happens to go to Milan on a shooting schedule and happens to screw the current Bollywood heartthrob. Unfortunately, Kaveri unwittingly talks about it to Bela and he happens to be Bela’s boy-friend. She is sacked and immediately sent back to Mumbai.

Giving utmost priority to honesty and truthfulness in relationships, she confesses about her ‘infidelity’ to Sid who immediately dumps her. Devastated and economically broke, being hurt time and again in her search for that elusive true love, she gets tired and goes back to her parents and asks them to set up a ‘match’ for her. Her parents are more than happy that their daughter has finally decided to settle down. She takes up “arranged marriage” as another adventure and finally settles down with a lawyer.

The love-making sequences are sensuous, erotic, tingling, teasing, tantalizing, hair-rising, heavy-breath inducing, vivid and stay with you in your mind long after they are done. But, the novel is not only about erotica.

The novel has much more to it than just sex. It has a lot of maturity, a lot of philosophy, a lot of relationships advise without making it seem as if the advises are forced, a lot of life-lessons to be learnt and implemented. Madhuri includes all of these in the ‘conversations’ between the characters that they become a part of the story and you, as a reader, never feel as if you are being preached at.

The characters are all uber cool who only use products of luxurious brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada, Luis Vuitton and such. Also, they seem to be consuming endless amounts of coffees/espressos and desserts and chocolate mousses.
Often, you wish for the same lifestyle and end up craving for the products and foods mentioned.
More than that, you often wish that your life was as adventurous as Kaveri’s and you were as strong as her in taking certain life decisions.

The novel has wonderful takes on relationships in general, on live-in relationships, on infidelity, on exes, on your best-friend-having-once-slept-with-your-boyfriend, on ‘true love’, on life, on parents’ restrictions, on independent women, on lifestyles in India and abroad and all of them are both agreeable and implementable in our lives.

If LMVAODI entertained you, MLLAS will seduce you, teach you, mould you, philosophize with you and give you a new perspective towards life and entertain you.
Also, there is a third novel in the offing. Let’s see where Madhuri takes Kaveri in the finale.

A must-read. Highly recommended.

Connect with the author here – Madhuri Banerjee

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