Conversation without words…!


There is nothing more beautiful and cute and heart-felt than a conversation without words!
You don’t speak a word, just look into each other’s eyes, yet you feel you had a very beautiful conversation. That is the very essence of any relationship.

The other day we had had a tiff. She was acting stupid and I had lost my temper. I blasted her left and right and asked her to leave me alone for a while.

That was in the morning.

She sent me a text, “I am sorry. I know I was being stupid. But, you know me na.. Please forgive me. I know you are angry right now and need some space and I won’t disturb you. But, please, calm down soon and talk to me. I miss you..”

Half my anger was already gone with that message.
I found it funny. We had been talking 24×7 yet she sends me, “I miss you..”
Especially since it had been only 5 minutes since we last talked. But then, that was us. We were both stupids like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

However close we were, one thing was for sure, I needed “me” time every now and then. That would be either cause I am stressed or angry or just feeling nauseous cause of the extra-closeness. Not all girls would understand this, but she did. And she even accepted that I needed my “me” time every now and then and every-time she would send that “I miss you..” text whenever I say, “Leave me alone for a while.”

It was a holiday for me, so I just surfed a bit, read articles at random, spent my time leisurely and aimlessly. Before I knew, it was lunch time, so I went out, had lunch, returned and slept off.
I was not at all angry on her anymore, but I thought that I would call her once I woke up.

———————- x ————————-

I was out with her and we were talking and laughing and simply having a good time. Suddenly, everything around us started shaking. The shakes became stronger and stronger and I suddenly woke up!
It was my cell that was vibrating.

——————— x —————————-

It was her 8th call. I hadn’t been asleep even for 1 hour and she had been calling me for the past 15 minutes.

I simply cut the call as I was still sleepy. I was typing a message that am sleepy, will call you later, but before I could finish typing, she called me again.
I cut the call.

She called back and I cut it again. Now, I was irritated.

She waited for a while. I finished typing that message and sent her.

She called back.

That’s it. Now, I was angry.
When I am sleeping, you shouldn’t wake me up. Never.
Even if it is her, I wouldn’t spare.
But, I was already feeling bad for shouting at her in the morning, so I didn’t want to shout on her. I simply cut the call and sent, “I will call you later.”

She sent me a text. “Please talk to me. I am sorry for what I did in the morning. I won’t ever do it again. Please don’t be angry on me..”

Ah, that explains her frantic calling. She was in a misconception that I was still angry on her. I wasn’t. I had long forgotten that.
“Sweetie, I am not at all angry on you. I am just sleepy.” I sent her.

“Okay. So are you coming down or should I come up?”

What the.. I was still half asleep. We could’ve spent the afternoon on my bed and I was really tempted to call her up, but, I thought it was better to go down. “Phew.. Wait, I’m coming. 5 minutes.”

I got refreshed and went down. She was looking smoking hot! I sat on the bike. Her fragrance was sensuous. I don’t know how she managed to smell so good even at 2-30 pm. I was so busy admiring her beauty and fragrance that I forgot to wish her.

“So? Where to?” She asked. She started driving.

“I don’t know. Wherever you wanna go,” I said.

“Arre.. Why are you still angry on me?” She asked.

“I said I am not angry.” I retorted.

“See, you are still angry,” she said.

“No, I am not angry. I am just a little irritated because I was sleeping and you woke me up.” I said frankly. “And added on that, you’re going on asking me the same thing again and again that why am I angry.”

“Okay okay, I’m sorry. Tell me soon where do you wanna go?” She asked.

“Don’t ask me that question again. I told you wherever you wanna go.” I said. This time a little louder and irritatingly.

“Bah.. How much ever I do, you will always get angry on me.” She said making a face.

Now, what do I tell her? I wasn’t angry on her. I was still sleepy. That’s why I was a bit irritated. But, she doesn’t understand that.

“Talk something.” She said, breaking my chain of thoughts.

“So, where are we going?” I asked her changing the topic.

“Why are you still angry on me?” She asked.

That’s it. I lost my cool. “God damn it! I said I am not angry on you. Don’t you understand!?”

“Don’t shout. Even I can shout. We are on road. So, if you are not angry, why din’t you wish me? Not even a smile on seeing me? I was so happy on seeing you, but you? Not even a smile. And where are your hands? Whenever I drive, your hands will be on my waist. And where did you put them now? Oh, now I see, you’re holding a cell and texting someone. Cool.”
Dang it. I was so busy admiring her that I forgot to smile and she thinks that I didn’t smile because I was angry on her. Oh my god!

“I am not texting anyone. Yeah, I didn’t smile because….I didn’t feel like smiling. You woke me up from my beauty sleep and I am irritated by that. Added to that this heat. Added to that, your incessant pestering. Everything is annoying me.” I said.
I don’t know why didn’t I tell her the truth.

“Okay. I am sorry. I won’t ask you again.” She said.ย “Shall we go to my place or to eat something?”

It was so hot. Going to her place was the best thing we could do. We could switch on the A.C, snuggle up to each other and talk sweet nothings.
“Will you drop me back?” I asked.

“No, it’s too far.” She said.

I was annoyed. How many times didn’t I pick up from her college, took to my place and drop her back? How many times didn’t I drive around town from one end to another?
“Okay fine, I will take an auto,” I told her. My annoyance was pretty visible in my voice.

“God! What happened to your sense of humor? Of course, I will drop you back!” She said.

Somehow I didn’t find it funny at that time. “Whatever,” I said.

“See, again you are getting angry!” She said.

I didn’t reply..

I just stared at the rear-view mirror. She saw it that I was annoyed.

“Nobody is at home and I don’t have the keys. So, we can’t go home. So tell me soon, where do you wan’t to go? I have been driving around for the past 10 minutes.” She said.

“Your wish,” I said.

“Fine!” She said and zoomed suddenly.
I was jolted back with the sudden thrust and held on to her waist to balance myself.
She smiled.
I took back my hands. Her smile faded.

It was fun. I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t even irritated now. I was enjoying the drive. Driving around aimlessly with she driving and me enjoying the ride. Also, such close proximity gave me the opportunity to keep absorbing her sensuous fragrance too. And she was trying to make me smile and I was pretending to be upset. Fun!


She took us to a multiplex.

It was Friday. A new movie had released. I was convinced that we wouldn’t get tickets as it was only 5 minutes to the show time and the guy had a massive following. I told her the same. She insisted that we still try. I went to park the bike and she went to get the tickets. Luckily, we did manage to get tickets. She was happy. I was indifferent. Or so I pretended.

We hurried to the screen. These multiplexes have so many screens that it sometimes becomes difficult to locate the screen in which you are supposed to sit. But, still, we managed to get in before the movie started. She smiled again. She knew I hated to miss the beginnings of the movies.

She held my hand after a while and put it in her lap. She looked at me. I didn’t. My eyes were glued to the screen. She knew very well that I didn’t like to converse while watching a movie, so she didn’t try to start a talk.

When the lead actress professed her love for the actor in front of her family, she squeezed my hand and looked at me. I looked at her and I knew that she was telling me the same. Those three beautiful words. I love you..

It was interval and she looked at me and smiled. She knew that her plan had worked.
“So, enjoying?” She asked.

“Not yet,” I said and winked.

“No! Not now! The lights are on.” She said understanding very well what I intended to do.

“I don’t care..” I said and put my hands around her waist.

“Arre!” She said.

“Why, you only wanted my hands around your waist na?” I winked.

“You can put them when the lights are off. And that I said when we were driving.” She said.

“Alright. Let’s get something to eat.” I said and I got up. She was relieved.

“I was afraid you won’t let go off my waist,” she said.

I chuckled.

“I will get. You wait.” She said when we neared the counter. ย She came back with only one soft drink and one tub of pop corn and handed them over to me.

“Where’s your drink?” I asked.

“In your hands,” she winked.

I smiled. She smiled.

I didn’t have to use words to tell her that I was happy with what she did. She didn’t need words to understand that I was happy. The smile said it all.

Rest of the movie, she snuggled up to me as it was very cool and my hands rested on her waist. We took our turns in taking sips from the single glass of soft-drink and she gulped down the last bit of it. We kept playing whenever our fingers collided while taking pop-corn. She did it deliberately. She pinched me, pushed my fingers and even grabbed the pop corn from my hands many a times. We had fun.

“I will take an auto.” I told her. Genuinely. “Simply you will have to go out of your way to drop me. You can reach your place in less than 10 minutes from here.”

“Shut up! Don’t do much, okay!” She said.

I smiled. There was no point debating with her.

She dropped me to my place. This time, I put my hands around her waist. She deliberately took a long turn stating that nobody would be at her place and that she didn’t have anything to do after going home.
More than half the time we were simply staring into each other’s eyes through the rear-view mirror. It’s a miracle that she didn’t hit anybody on the road.

“I love you..” I told her. She blushed.

“You remember I looked at you in the movie when the actress told I love you to the actor?” She asked.

“Yeah, I do..” I said. “Unlike you, I prefer to say it instead of being silent and just giving a look.”

“That’s why I looked at you.” She said. “To see whether you understand or not.”

“I know..” I said.

“I love you too..” She said.

I got down, smiled and told her goodbye. And waited there as long as she was in sight. Then, I climbed the steps of my place with a smile plastered across my face.

We didn’t exchange any words in the cinema hall. But, still, we had had one of the most beautiful conversations that left both of us smiling.ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Indeed, love is cute ๐Ÿ™‚

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