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I went into the cinema hall with expectations that were sky-high, thanks to the glorious reviews by critics and twitterati alike. And, that is the very reason that I was disappointed with the movie Shuddh Desi Romance. No, that is an under-statement. I was HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED.

More than half the movie revolves around Bathrooms. That’s why the title of the post.

Raghu Ram (Sushant Singh Rajput) wants to visit a bathroom just before his to-be-wife, Tara (Vaani Kapoor) is about to put the garland on him on the day of their marriage. How idiotic!
He elopes from the bathroom as he is confused and not sure that he wants to marry her.

Raghu is a local tourist guide in Jaipur and sometimes works as a rental baraati for Goyalji (Rishi Kapoor) who is a wedding planner.
Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra) also works for Goyalji. Raghu and Gayatri connect and no sooner than later, they start a live-in relationship.

And then all the mayhem starts.

For people who have been in a few relationships earlier and who are living in a live-in relationship, they are highly immature, stupid and childish.
For instance, Raghu says “I love you” to Gayatri and she responds with a smirk and “Abhi kyu bola tumne?”
No blushing. No smile. No anger either. Just expressionless and a stupid question.
What the..

Finally they decide to marry. Again, just before the wedding, Raghu is having doubts but Goyalji feeds some sense into his mind and he agrees to tie the knot.
But alas, Goyalji forgot about Gayatri. It’s her turn to go to the bathroom and elope.


The movie was doing perfectly fine until now. In the post-interval session, you watch the same first-half again only with different actors, locations, music and a few different dialogues. More than half of the dialogues are retained.

Tara enters the life of Raghu again. They connect. He wants to apologize. She wants revenge. Or so it seems.
They hang out a bit, get close to each-other. And quoting Tara, “Sometimes people flirt with others and sometimes people flirt with themselves.” She was flirting with herself and was just enjoying his company. On the insistence of Goyalji, he is about to propose Tara in a wedding and bang! Gayatri collides with him.
How cliched!

Again Raghu and Gayatri meet near bathroom. By co-incidence. And hug. Yeah, hug. In front of the bathroom. Yeah, you are right, Tara catches them.
She has a word with Gayatri and yes, you are right again, she (Tara) elopes.
Alternative title, Eloping romance. Nice, no?!

On Goyaliji’s insistence, again Gayatri and Raghu are about to get married. And, boom, both need to visit the bathroom at the same time. No prizes for guessing that both elope.

My legs are already tired!

Wait, wait, that is not all. The most amazing aspect of the movie is that, our Raghu guy elopes from his marriage with Gayatri and goes where? To Gayatri’s house.
What does Gayatri does with him? Agrees for a live-in relationship again!
Amazing, right?

Raghu explains that marriage is a wed-lock. And, he wants to be a free bird. He loves Gayatri but he doesn’t want to be inside a locked door. He wants the door to be open always where he can come and go anytime. The moment the door is about to get locked, he is scared and feels like eloping.
Valid point, indeed. The only sensible dialogue from him.
Also, using a locked-door as a metaphor for marriage was also, umm, intelligent.

The End. Happies Endings.

The movie was doing perfectly fine until interval. Post that, Vaani’s character enters and spoils the feel of the movie. There was no need for a love-triangle in this. It could’ve as well been a better one with just the two leads.
But, the funniest thing is, I loved the Vaani’s character more than anything else. She is matured, sensible, doesn’t create a scene or a ruckus, stays cool and knows that it is better to exit than to hang around and hurt herself.
Also, Vaani looks super cute and super beautiful in every attire of hers be it Indian ethnic wear, Saris, chic casuals and uber cool in formal attire.

Parineeta is her bubbly best. Looks good and also has some of the cheesiest of lines.
Sushant is fine as an actor but most of the times he looks like he has just woke up and directly reached the sets without having a bath.
The real hero of the movie is Rishi Kapoor. He evokes much of the laughter, has wonderful lines with awesome comic-timing, but he makes you laugh more with his facial expressions than his dialogues. Great work.
Vaani as an actor doesn’t have much screen-time, but she performs brilliantly in whatever screen-time is allotted to her. For a debutante, she is a top-notch.

The music is wonderful. Songs are catchy. Choreography of some songs is amazing. Locations are nicely selected. Cinematography is brilliant.
Dialogue writers didn’t have much work as most of the dialogues are repeated again and again.

The plot is good, the theme is different, but it is no trend-setter or trend-changer as it is projected to be. It is just another simple and silly movie.

As a product, the movie is fine. Just, don’t go in with sky-high expectations or else you will be disappointed like me. Worth a watch.

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