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Silver Is For Secrets is the third novel in the Jacob-Stacey series, comprising of 5 books, by Laurie Faria Stolarz. (It is not titled as Jacob-Stacey series by the author.)



My review:
The group of friends, Stacey, Drea, Amber and Jacob, Chad, PJ are at a cottage for their holiday before heading to college. Although, Stacey expected a quiet summer and a sweet “us” time with Jacob, but her premonitions return to haunt her and leave her nose-bleeding every time. Stacey dreams of blood dripping through Clara’s dead body and she hears someone telling her, “Don’t tell anyone” and “I will make you pay” but she finds nobody when she turns around.

Stacey dreams of a certain girl named Clara being in danger and that she is about to die. Stacey searches for Clara and finds out that she is there for a holiday too with her parents and that someone has been stalking her. Clara is a neatness freak but she finds her things misplaced, although she remembers putting them in their place just that morning. There are warnings, graffiti-threatening, weird things landing up at her door and windows with weirder notes. So, Clara keeps close to the group for her own safety.

Unfortunately, Clara is a trouble-monger. She is hated instantly wherever she goes. She creates troubles between Chad and Drea and also PJ screws up his chances with Amber because of Clara. Clara has this big flirting-fetish and she ends up causing problems in many relationships. Although, Stacey and Jacob are safe from Clara because their bonding is stronger, but the secrets that Jacob seems to be maintaining of-late and the way he gets distant, it does cause some troubles and doubts in her mind. She longs for his support, for his presence around her, for his assurance and for his hands around her.
Although, everyone hates Clara, including Stacey, she has to save her. She doesn’t want to have to bear the guilt of having someone’s death on her conscience. Yet again.

So, who is stalking Clara? Why is he/she stalking her? Or, is someone actually stalking her? Does Stacey manage to save Clara or does she pass away? What causes Jacob go farther from Stacey? Why doesn’t he support Stacey when she needs him the most? Answers to all these questions forms the crux of the story. Needless to say, the crux is too predictable, cliched and expected.

This is the book three of the series, yet you don’t necessarily have to read the previous works to understand the plot.
The writing is simple with vivid characterization that you instantly connect with all of them. Much importance is given to the detailing and surroundings are vividly explained in each and every situation.
Also, many words that are used in the novel would instantly connect with the young-adults. Although, I’m surprised the author has never used the F-word whereas 18-years old today can’t seem to live without it. 😛
They are all 18-years old and they act like that, thinking about drinks, food, girls/boys, tan, chilling-out and having-fun all the time.
Drea and Amber are for the laughs and they provide ample amounts of those. Okay, not laughs really, but some chuckles for sure. Chad and PJ are there to accompany the girls and have fun. Stacey and Jacob are the matured ones among the lot.

On the downside though, there are many loopholes and threads that are either not connected properly or not explained.
It’s hard to imagine a 14-years old kid (something that happens in book 2, I guess) falling so madly in love that the kid seeks revenge when it’s taken away.
It’s hard to imagine that a 15-years old kid can be capable of plotting such schemes and harming self.
Why does Stacey go wrong with her premonitions this time around when she got them right previously?
How does the criminal know about Stacey’s premonitions without her telling them to anyone?
May be, the answer is, “It is fiction.”

Also, the novel seems rather long. As a reader, you tend to get restless, impatient and frustrated because you are (along with the characters) kept in dark until the end.
Every-time something happens, like she is upset, or stressed, or depressed, or angry, or hurt, Stacey mixes some potion and casts a spell. Gets annoying after a bit.
Also, you expect Stacey to go to bed all the time. Ironically, the only action that you expect later is that she dreams and not you-know-what!
And, the sad ending does it in a bit too. I do hope that Jacob returns in the consequent books.

The target audience, the young adults, will surely enjoy and find it an entertaining novel.
Damn, I am getting older!

P.S : In spite of myself, I would still love to read the remaining parts of the series to know the characters better and to know what happens next!

Connect with the author here – Laurie Faria Stolarz
Published by – Jaico Books

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