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Well, I usually never review short stories. Let alone reviewing something out of fiction.
But when the author of this short-story contacted me with a request to review, I was intrigued. Although, I didn’t promise him a review as it wasn’t my cup-of-tea, I did say that I’d go through it and I liked it. So, here it is. My review of the short story Monkey Talk.

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Short story : Monkey Talk
Author : T. Lucas Earle
Genre: Sci-fi
Length: 16 pages
Date of Publication: July 5, 2013

The Towrys are named after Dr. Greg Towry, the inventor of the speech augmentation chip. Professor Towry, an ape, who is also suffering from Cohen’s disease, is invited to MIT to deliver a lecture on Cybernetic Technology.

But the audience is least bothered about his lecture and are more obsessed with the Chimp’s appearance. The way he walks, talks and his lips move and the way his ears wiggle. Towry is certainly annoyed.

He detests coming to Boston. He finds it ‘dirty, arrogant and generally rubbish.’ He prefers England to Boston simply because nobody gawks at him in Cambridge and there are Chimps in the audience too.

Professor Towry had an assistant named Mrs. Moira Taff who recently committed suicide and so he had to get a new assistant for himself. He hires Ms. Liu, who is British, and they seem to be getting along well.

The rest of the story is about what happens to him when he misses his pills, the kind of things he ends up committing in the fit of rage, the trouble he lands himself in and how better Towry and Ms. Liu communicate with each-other and get to know each-other.

Much emphasis is given to the detailing of the surroundings.
There is a funny instance about the evolution of the apes into humans.
There is also an instance where Towry insists on Ms. Liu not consuming meat and his version of reasoning is commendable.
The climax is even more funny and the things he does when he isn’t allowed into the convention hall of an event because he ‘wasn’t wearing shoes.’
Although, it is not totally hilarious, it is funny in bits and parts and worth a read.

Also, on August 10 and 11, 2013, the e-book is available for free on Amazon.

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