It’s friendship when…


It’s friendship when..

You go out of your way to do something just to bring a smile on their face..
You text each other 24×7..
You talk about everything all the time, yet feel that there is so much more to tell..
You can talk about anything with them, under the sun, without having any inhibitions..

You fervently wish that they were your sibling or at least a neighbor, so you both could have spent more time together..
You constantly pray that your parents were friends and so that you would be visiting each other regularly..

You no longer have your meals alone. Their textsΒ are always accompanying you.
You don’t sleep before 1am or 2am and the only thing you talk is about the day that you spent together in the college earlier in the day..
You scold each-other. Make fun of each-other. Call each-other names. But don’t let anybody else do that.
You try to put your friend in awkward situations all the time. You make them laugh hysterically when they are supposed to be dead serious.
You entangle them in troubles, then rescue them out of those troubles and also expect to be acknowledged for your efforts.

Their friends become your friends. Their enemies become your enemies.
You like the people they like and dislike the people, they don’t like.
You stop talking to people they don’t like, even when they don’t ask you to.
And you start talking to people you hate, just because they are your friend’s friend.

You go shopping together. Fight over the stupidest of clothes. Finally select the one that neither of you first suggested.
You go to restaurants and glare at them when they ask you what would you like to have. They ought to know what you would like to have.
You don’t ask them whether they would like to watch a movie of their favorite genre/star. You are supposed to get the tickets and pick them up from home.
You go sight-seeing and if you make a face when they ask you to click just 20 pictures at the same place, you are being a prick.

You don’t need to remember the dates (because lovers expect you to, not friends) but you are not supposed to forget them either.
You are not supposed to make a face when they crack a joke that they have already cracked about 150 times, it’s funny and you have to laugh!
You are not supposed to make fun of them but they have all the rights of making fun of you. No negotiations!

You don’t ask them if it is fine to visit their place. You just gate-crash.
You don’t be all formal in front of their parents. Do you ever say “hello, how are you?” to your own parents?
You don’t ask their parents if you can stay late, but directly call your place and tell that you’d be late.
You don’t ask your friends if they should ask their parents for permission to go out. You directly ask their parents for permission.

You give them money and you forget that you ever gave.
You gift them the books that they wanted to read just after they manage to save enough money to buy it themselves.
You gift them stationery, key chains, randomly even without any occasion.
Half the things they own are either gifted by you or shopped when both of you were together.

It’s like, you are so close that you hang in-between that state where you are something more than the best-friends and something less than the lovers.
Oh and the most beautiful of friendships is when a girl and a boy are friends. Best friends. Contrary to popular belief, a girl and a boy can be just friends too.
Speaking of which, it’s friendship when every other person who know you, believe that you both are in love.

P.S : It’s friendship even when none of the above things are shared by you and your friend(s).
But, most of the beautiful ones do share some or most of the above things. πŸ™‚

P.P.S : As Shar Rukh Khan says in KKHH, “Pyaar Dosti hai.” (Love is friendship!)
It’s friendship when you love your friends more than the lovers do. πŸ™‚

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  1. shonazee somani says:

    Such a heart warming post , very beautifully written πŸ™‚

  2. I really was all Smile reading this.. I can so relate to this.. πŸ™‚

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