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We had been best friends for a few years now. We spent most of our time together. We watched, read, ate, hung-out, shopped, we pretty much did almost everything together. Not all the time, of course. But, more often than usual.

She was laughing heartily on one of my wise-cracks. Although mine was a dry sense of humor, she enjoyed it (or so I think because she laughed at most of my dry-jokes.) We were alone at her place, talking, merrily laughing at the stupid things that we do when we are together and spending some quality time together. That is what any relationship needs to grow, some quality time.

All of a sudden, something struck her and she stopped laughing. She became silent, very silent. There was a lump in her throat and I think I probably saw her eyes water. The tear didn’t role down her cheek though.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“Nothing,” she said, but her voice gave it away. It wasn’t as cheerful as it was just a moment ago.

I got up from the chair and sat beside her.

She looked at me and I kept looking at her. She was so beautiful. And when she over-thought about something and kept worrying from inside, she looked even more cute than usual. She averted her eyes from my firm gaze.

I kept looking at her. I loved staring at those dark and mesmerizing eyes. And, she knew it.

She looked left, up, down, everywhere except meeting my eyes. She looked at me once again, blushed, her lips curled up a little, and she looked away. She could never meet my gaze whenever I stared at her. But, even she loved it when I stared at her.

Silence. Total silence. As if we both weren’t present there. Even the whirring sounds of the fan weren’t heard. I was totally lost in her eyes and she was becoming more and more uncomfortable under my gaze.

She looked at me again, “What?” she said and looked down.

“Exactly, my question.” I replied.

“What? Nothing happened, I told you na..” her voice trailed.

“Okay. And to answer your question, nothing, I was staring at the most beautiful girl on the planet.” I said.

She blushed even more. “Shut up, you liar!” she said nudging me with her elbow.

Silence. [When girls suddenly become silent, it is always better to be silent and let them open up on their own, instead of asking them again and again, ‘what’s wrong?’]

“I.. I love you…” she finally said and hugged me. A tear rolled down her cheeks.

“Hey..” I said holding her and stroking her back, “it’s fine. I am here. Don’t worry.”

“That is my worry! You are here now, but I will be left all alone soon.” she moaned.

“Why? You plan to elope some far away land or what?” I asked. Always crack a joke when she’s serious. Works 90% of times. When it doesn’t, it means you’re screwed.

“You know what, you are an idiot!” she said getting out of the embrace with a smirk. “I will get married soon. And then, I won’t have you.”

“Technically, you won’t be alone. You will have your husband to accompany you,” I cracked another.

“Forget it! You’ll never understand!” she exclaimed.

“Aww, my baby is angry,” I chided her. “Come here, let me calm you down,” I said hugging her.

She hugged me back. Even more tightly. “I will miss you,” she said turning serious again.
It’s really difficult to escape when they are hell-bent on being pampered. Don’t be an a** and try to crack a joke at this juncture.

“Don’t worry. He will understand us and our relationship. He won’t stop us from talking or meeting regularly. It’s another thing that you’d be so head-over-heels in love with him and so busy with him that you’d rarely find time for me.” I said with a wink.
I’m an exception to the rules!

“Oh, shut up! You and your stupid jokes. You will never be serious.” She was annoyed again.
Yeah, it’s fun to annoy them when they are looking for some pampering from you.
Will he allow us to meet and talk?” She asked turning serious.

“Baby, take a chill pill. We have been together for so long, there is no way some moron is gonna come between us. Your husband, least of all.” I said tongue-in-cheek.

“How dare you call my husband ‘moron’? You are a moron!” she retorted.
What the…! She wanted me to tell her that we were gonna be together all the time. And now that I was telling her the same, she was having a problem with that too. Nobody can ever understand a woman!

“Oh.. So, now some imaginary guy whom you haven’t even met and who hasn’t even come in your life yet, has become more important than me, uh? Cool! I can only imagine what will be the condition after your marriage!” I whined.
It’s so much fun to be a sissy in front of girls. Only sometimes.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! It’s nothing like that.” she exclaimed. “Tell me, will he allow us to meet and talk? What, if he doesn’t?”

“Okay fine, I will shut up,” I said making a face.

“Oh god! You’re impossible!” she said getting even more annoyed.
Isn’t it funny? When they are sad, we are supposed to soothe and pamper them. But when we are sad or hurt, they won’t pamper us. Instead, they will only get even more angry. Not fair.

“I am already sad here with the thought that you won’t be with me forever and I would have to leave you soon. If you can’t support me, at-least don’t increase my troubles,” she said.
Now this is heights, isn’t it? First, she isn’t married yet. Second, nobody is leaving anybody yet. Third, why are we even discussing this? Fourth, what the hell do I know if her husband would allow us to meet and talk or not?!

But then, I couldn’t tell her any of the above, right? So I go with the stereotypical answer. “Yes, of course, he will allow us to meet and talk.”

“He better do,” she said.

I kept quiet.
‘Thank god, this one ended sooner than I thought.’ I thought to myself. I was wrong. The trouble was still sitting right next to me. No pun intended.

“What if your wife doesn’t allow us to meet?” She continued.

“If your husband will, so will my wife.” I said. Even I don’t see any connection between the two.

“But, what if she doesn’t?”
Was she trying to screw me deliberately, I wondered.

“She will, baby, she will. I will tell her about us in our first meet only and for me to accept her, she will have to accept us first.” I said.
Wow! I didn’t know I was capable of uttering such powerful dialogues! [Although this was a dialogue, I meant it!]
This should convince her, I thought. But she was still unconvinced.

“And that is what I’m asking, what if she doesn’t?” she asked.
Now I was losing my patience. Why are we even discussing this, again?

“As I said, for me to accept her, she will have to accept us first. So, if she doesn’t accept us, I won’t accept her.” I said earnestly. Little irritation was pretty apparent in my voice.

“Okay..” she said.
I’m not really sure if she was convinced or she stopped pestering because of my irritation.

She looked at me. I looked at her. I was too preoccupied with what would come next. She smiled a bit. I didn’t.

She kissed me on the cheeks, said, “I love you..” and hugged me again.
‘If only you had said that you would marry me,’ she thought to herself.

“I love you too..” I said.
If only you realized that I don’t love you just as a friend and so want to marry you, he thought to himself.

“God only knows how many (potential couples) remained “Best Friends” and their love-stories didn’t have a happy ending, just because each thought that the other loved just as a friend.”

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