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How To Gracefully Exit A Relationship : Novel Review

When the author, Frank Love, contacted me requesting a review for his book How To Gracefully Exit A Relationship, the questions that instantly I asked myself were, ‘this book seems to be for someone who is in a relationship and … Continue reading

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Hiccups : Novel Review

When I first saw the cover and the title, Hiccups, I believed it was just another love-story with some glitches/misunderstandings/fights in the relationship and how they overcome it. Am glad that I was wrong. It is not just another love-story, … Continue reading

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Just leave me alone!

“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” she exclaimed. I had been calling her incessantly, but she neither picked nor returned any of my calls. She had already blocked me from all her social networks and we hadn’t talked for over a year … Continue reading

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Silver Is For Secrets : Novel Review

Silver Is For Secrets is the third novel in the Jacob-Stacey series, comprising of 5 books, by Laurie Faria Stolarz. (It is not titled as Jacob-Stacey series by the author.) My review: The group of friends, Stacey, Drea, Amber and Jacob, … Continue reading

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Wise Enough To Be Foolish : Novel Review

Wise Enough To Be Foolish is penned by the first-time author Gauri Jayaram, who is a multi-talented mother dabbling into various things like athletics, sports, travelling, entrepreneurship yet not satisfied and always wanting more. My Review: First, it was Madhuri Banerjee, … Continue reading

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Are we really independent?

August 15th, 1947. On this auspicious day, we became officially independent from the British rule. We successfully managed to make them go away from our country, but not before many a great leaders sacrificed their lives for the cause. Was … Continue reading

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Best friends…!

We had been best friends for a few years now. We spent most of our time together. We watched, read, ate, hung-out, shopped, we pretty much did almost everything together. Not all the time, of course. But, more often than … Continue reading

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Chennai Express – Not A Review!

I tried. A lot. I tried a lot not to write about anything related to Chennai Express. Because, it is really taxing and stressful, to say the least, to maintain sanity afterwards, what with pro and anti SRK (and Salman) … Continue reading

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Short Story Review : Monkey Talk

Well, I usually never review short stories. Let alone reviewing something out of fiction. But when the author of this short-story contacted me with a request to review, I was intrigued. Although, I didn’t promise him a review as it … Continue reading

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Amreekan Desi : Novel Review

My review: Atulya Mahajan, who also runs the humor/satire blog where articles about Indians living abroad and their experiences are posted, has penned down his first novel by the same name, Amreekan Desi. Alternatively titled, Masters Of America. The … Continue reading

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