The first kiss…!



I woke up really soon for a holiday. 9 am that is. Had a quick break-fast that was already waiting for me at the dining table. Then had a hot shower, sprayed some extra perfume over myself, applied lotion and moisturizer all over myself. Checked out myself about 10 times in the mirror before being satisfied. I wore red, my favorite color. Then, I checked time (it was 10-45 am), and waited..! (with a bated breath, if I may add!)
He was supposed to be home at 10-30, but he deliberately came at 11 am. (I had sent him a text before going to bath. He knew I would take exactly an hour to be ready.) He was so wonderful!

Oh, no! He wasn’t my boy-friend. Feelings like love had no place in my life. In fact, stating that I hated 90% of males I had come across in my life wouldn’t be an exaggeration. [Barring (some) relatives and few acquaintances, I could see what they all wanted in their naked eyes. Bloody perverts!]
But, this fellow was different. I could sense that he wasn’t different because I din’t know him well yet – we had known each other for only about 2 months – but he was different because his thinking was different.

He had this arrogant care-a-damn attitude that garnered him a lot of attention from the fairer sex in the college, but he rarely conversed with any of them. Because, they were scared of starting a conversation with him and he never bothered to initiate.
I also loved his broad-minded thinking. He was never bothered about what people thought or spoke about him behind his back. And I had rarely seen him loosing his cool. (No, wait! That’s not rarely, that’s never.)
So, he was intriguing, to say the least. I was very much interested in him. I wanted to know what lied beneath that hard demeanor. I wanted to know why was he so averse to socializing. And, most important of all, I wanted to know why was he so proud and egoistic.

I was waiting for him to start a conversation. You know, I’m a girl and girls never initiate even when they really really want to. It was a really long wait, about 18 months (I know, too too long!) of being in the same class, and then one day finally it happened. How we started talking is another story for some other time, but for now, we hit it off as soon as he came to me with some query. (Not a sweet memory, though!)
In less than a week, we not only exchanged numbers but were also texting each other 24×7.

And I realized how grossly I was mistaken about him. He wasn’t anything that I had imagined about him. He was totally a different guy. He was often misunderstood. People mistook his silence and indifference for pride and arrogance. He was never difficult to talk to and he had a dry sense of humor that always had me in splits. But one thing I had envisaged clearly about him, he didn’t bother about people speaking behind his back and he was never worried about rumors about him. In his own words, he was ‘way above all these childish histrionics.’

Anyway, so he reached home exactly at 11 am.

“Good morning, sweet-heart!” he said cheerfully. “Wow! You look ravishing in my favorite color!”
[Oh, he was such a big flirt! And, if I may add, a wonderful one at that ;)] (Yeah, it’s really funny that I generally loathed men but I didn’t mind this guy’s flirting!)

“Liar! You don’t like red. It’s my favorite color!” I fake-protested as I ushered him in with a wide grin. (No girl cannot not grin when complimented!)

“What does it matter? Your favorite is my favorite and my favorite is your favorite!” he said with a wink.

“Ha ha! Cheeky! You’ll never change!” I said as I hit him softly on his arm.

“Never, sweet-heart, never.” he said.

“So, how is it?” I exclaimed. “I can’t wait to see it!”

“Damn, I didn’t know you were this desperate!” he said winking. Oh gosh, this guy was really impossible!

“Oh, shut up! You know I’m not talking about it, I’m talking about your new phone.” I said. (I can’t believe I laughed even at his gross jokes!)

“Damn!” he muttered in fake-disappointment as we both bursted into a laugh.

Although, he was a sucker for Nokia phones – and I loved Sony phones – for a change, he had bought a Sony handset. (He would never admit, but he bought it just because I loved Sony!) Didn’t I say he was wonderful?! 😉

“It’s gorgeous!” I squealed with delight as I took the Sony mobile.

“Not as gorgeous as you!” he said.

“I knew this was coming, baby!” I said with a wink. “So trite and cliched. Tch Tch!” I said with fake-disappointment.

“Ahem! Someone’s beginning to flirt.” he said with a wicked smile.

“Yeah, what to do, someone has become so predictable, so much so that it has become boring now!” I said with a grin.


We both ended up into splits. (Yeah, we were so cool that we would laugh even at the stupidest conversations!)

He got a text, so I handed over the mobile to him. He smiled and replied something. He had this annoying habit. Whenever we would be in deep conversations, his mobile would beep and he would begin to text. Usually, I wouldn’t bother, (not that I had any rights to bother either) but that day he had that mischievous smile that I had seen just a few moments ago!
And I was jealous! Oh yeah, we girls can get jealous even on silly things. (But this wasn’t silly!)

I tried to ignore and we continued talking. Although, he had full concentration on our conversation, he was also continuously texting. (I don’t know how he managed to do that. Having full concentration on both the conversations! Without goofing up that too.) I was becoming more and more jealous with every text and the glint in his eyes, that finally I stopped pretending and I grabbed the mobile from his hands and put it in my skirt pocket.

I had never done that and I told him that I was talking to him and that it wasn’t good manners to text while a beautiful girl was talking to you. He was flabbergasted. He simply retaliated with a witty reply and also said that I could keep the mobile. (I wondered how he was always ready with his witty answers for everything!) I admit, I felt so relieved and happy when he didn’t bother to snatch it back. It showed that I was more important to him than that bi*ch on the phone!

We continued watching T.V and also started talking about everything and anything that our minds conjured up.
And his mobile began vibrating incessantly. She was calling him. (Oh no, I din’t see it. It was still in my skirt pocket. But I was sure it was the same girl with whom he was flirting just a little while ago!)
Although he heard the vibration, he didn’t care, (or so he pretended) and continued talking.

“Do you want to take the call?” I asked.

He nodded. By the time I could take the mobile out of my pocket, the call was cut from the other end. I didn’t give him the mobile stating the call was cut. He said he would just check who was it and give it back and somehow it felt funny and I said that I wouldn’t give. This time he wasn’t flabbergasted because I couldn’t hide my smile. He knew I was up to some mischief. He said he was a decent guy and he would have to man-handle me and snatch it forcefully, which he wouldn’t like. [Yeah, he actually used ‘man-handle’! Funny guy! :D] ‘You can do whatever you like, Mister, but you aren’t getting your mobile,’ I challenged with a grin.

“Whatever I like? Are you sure?” he asked with a wink.

“Before racing your mind to shitty thoughts, remember, I have been trained in Karate!” I said with half-conviction. (No, I wasn’t lying, I was actually trained in Karate.)

“Haha! Funny,” he said. “I don’t see any amount of training in martial arts saving you against me, my dear girl.”

And I knew he was right. He was much more heavier and bulkier than me.

“We will see,” I said as I made a fist and tried to punch him.

Not that I had expected to hit him hard, but he still managed to stop me mid-way with his arms. He simply smiled. “Poor try, baby!” he chided me.

He didn’t let go of my hand and said, “Now if you would be kind enough to give me my mobile?”

I just pushed him and ran into my room and tried to lock it from inside. But this moron was really fast and bulk, he not only balanced himself quick, but also pushed the door open in no time.
I tried to run around the bed but it didn’t take him long for him to catch hold of my hand and pull me towards him. His pull was so sudden that I had to place my other hand on his shoulder to balance myself. Although he was smiling and I was smiling, my heart was beating rapidly. The heart-beat was so loud, that I was afraid he could hear it clearly.
Although he was holding my hand tightly, I was so surprised at his gentleness, it didn’t hurt me at all. I didn’t make an effort to free myself. [Not because I knew I had no chances, but it was fun being so close to him! And he smelled yum too! :P]
I slowly moved my other hand from his shoulder, took the cell from the pocket and put it behind my back. He could have easily snatched it, but being the gentleman that he was, he asked me again to give it back to him.

It was just fun being so close to him and I didn’t want that moment to end.
(I know, it is stupid of me to think like that. I mean, I don’t love him and I have no feelings whatsoever for him, but at that present moment, it just felt bloody awesome to be in such proximity with this guy towering over me!)

He let go of the arm that he was holding and tried to take the cell from my arm that was behind my back. Sensing an opportunity, I tried to push him, but the damn bugger was ready for it and he caught hold of my waist and pulled me towards him. (There was no escape!)

My eyes bulged with amazement. It was the very first time that someone was holding me by my waist. Although I didn’t imagine this to happen with him even in my wildest dreams, but I was loving every moment of it. I could distinctly hear his heart-beat and it was perfectly normal against mine which was pacing like Rajdhani Express and was becoming louder with every passing second. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulders. It was just perfect.
His cologne was so powerful (It wasn’t the deodorant Axe. And Axe is repulsive to say the least!) that I just felt like keep inhaling it. His hold was firm, but not rough. It didn’t hurt me even when he pulled me and I wondered how did he manage it so perfectly?!

When I opened my eyes, he was simply staring at me and was smiling. And I blushed.
What the hell?! He was just a friend, I had no feelings for him and why was I blushing? Why was I enjoying being in his arms? Why didn’t I want this moment to end? Why did I want to kiss him? Wait, what?!

As if he could read my thoughts, he looked at my lips, then he gazed at me for a moment, lowered his head a bit, brought himself nearer to me and waited. He was so confident, so patient and looked intently. (And I was quivering, having goosebumps, becoming weak in my knees, holding him for support, knowing fully well what he intended to do.) I looked at him for a moment and closed my eyes and came forward a little. (hoping that I didn’t come across as a desperate girl!)
He took another 3 seconds (which, by the way, seemed like an eternity!) before I could feel his lips on mine. He was strong yet tender, passionate yet patient, exploring but thoughtful. My lips were moist and since I had never ever kissed anybody before, I didn’t know what to do. I kept them closed and kept on pushing myself on him or rather his lips.

He suddenly pulled back. I shuddered. Did I do something wrong?!

“Woah, tigress, let me breathe!” he said and smiled. I relaxed.

“You didn’t kiss anybody before, right?” he asked still smiling. And I was wondering, how many kisses have you had, you perfect kisser? I meekly nodded.

He just smiled. “What?” I asked. “That’s not how one kisses,” he said and smiled again.

I closed my eyes and “Teach me!” I ordered.

He patiently explained and also taught me. I was not only flabbergasted but also surprised that a simple kiss had so much of science behind it and all the time, I was thinking, that kiss meant only a peck. No wonder people break up over kisses gone wrong! I thought to myself.

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