The last meet..


Girl – (exasperated) You’re incredulous!

Boy – (trying to keep his calm) Spare me the sarcasm..

Girl – (raising the voice) You totally deserve it!

Boy – (staring coldly) What? The sarcasm or…?

Girl – (calming down) Both..

Boy – (anger mounting in his eyes and stare turning even colder, takes a step closer)

Girl – (suddenly feeling scared) You….You aren’t gonna do anything stupid, right?

Boy – (confused at first, then comes even closer when true meaning dawns of him)

Girl – (heart-beat becoming louder and trying to take a step back) Hey..

Boy – (comes even closer, holds her hand and ends up laughing on her face)

Girl – (astonished) Holy shit! You scared me!

Boy – (turning serious) You should know me better than that..

Girl – (embarrassed) I know..

Boy – (turning even more serious) So, did you mean it? That I don’t deserve…. (he couldn’t complete the sentence)

Girl – (regretting her outburst) I..I’m sorry.. I din’t mean it..

Boy – That’s alright.. Anyway, so is that your final decision?

Girl – (agonisingly) Do I have a choice?

Boy – Of course, you do.. Simply walk away..

Girl – Easier said than done, sweet heart! (with a melancholic smile)

Boy – Well, then, this may as well be our final conversation for time being.. (speaking in a-matter-of-fact manner)

Girl – (widening her eyes) What do you mean!

Boy – Just like you, do I have a choice?

Girl – Yeah.. So, you mean to say, you won’t attend….

Boy – (cutting her short) No..

Girl stared hard. Tears welling up in her eyes.

Boy – ( trying hard not to show any emotions) You can still… You know..

Girl – (loosing it) Dude! It’s not possible! It’s just not possible! You are a couple of years younger to me, we aren’t of same religion, am gonna get engaged in a week, we don’t even stand a chance, damn it! And, we…

Boy – (being wiser and not loosing his calm) (raises a hand to stop her) Do you love me?

Girl – (takes a deep breath to calm herself) Yes, I do, but..

Boy – (cutting her short again) Do you think you’d be happy with me?

Girl – (realising that he won’t let her speak) Yes.

Boy – Are your parents fine with me?

Girl – Yes.

Boy – Are they happy getting you married to him? Now that they know of…us?

Girl – No.

Boy – Did they protest when you talked them into calling this off?

Girl – No.

Boy – So, it means they left the decision on you?

Girl – Yes.

Boy – And you won’t just because you’re afraid of the society?

Girl – Yes. I know the repercussions damn well!

Boy – I know them too.

Girl – (silent)

Boy – I am with you. I will respect any decision you take and my love for you will always remain the same. But…we can never be friends.

Girl – Is that a threat of walking out of my life, if I….? (she left the question hanging midway)

Boy – (staring silently for a moment) No. It isn’t a threat.

Girl – I am damned! If I say yes, I invite the risk of losing you forever and if I say no, I get to live with the person that I love the most but I end up hurting and humiliating my parents and family’s name in the society!

Boy – You realise that you will have to live with me and your parents for the rest of your life but not with the society, don’t you?

Girl – Yes, I do.

Boy – You also know well that you can’t keep everybody happy in your life, don’t you?

Girl – Yes, I do.

Boy – You also know that your parents will prefer to see you happy than the society, don’t you?

Girl – Yes, I do.

Boy – So, it’s done then. It’s your call. This way or that way. 🙂

Girl – How can you even smile in this situation?

Boy – I would’ve cried if it helped our cause. But, I realise, it doesn’t.

Girl – You and your sarcasm!

Boy – You…totally…. (deliberately slowing down)

Girl – Deserve it, I know.. (she finished the sentence for him)

Boy – Alright then, adios amigo. All the best!

Girl – Didn’t you promise me to always hold my hand, no matter what? And don’t you think you’re leaving me alone when I need you the most?!

Boy – And I also promised that, no matter how hard or unfair it felt to you, I will always try and make you choose the right path. I’m not leaving you, I’m just keeping my word. I am going far so that it’s easier for you to go on with your life that you’re about to chose, since, clearly, am a distraction and a hurdle for you now.
I always told you that I’d walk away the moment I feel that am being a problem to you, didn’t I ?

Girl – (tears rolling down her cheeks) I can’t..

Boy – You’ll have to.. Unless of course….. (he left it midway)

Girl – (she knew what he meant) If there is something called an afterlife, I’d always pray that we get to be together in our next lives at least.

Boy – (smiles a melancholic smile and leaves)

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