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Cast: Jr NTR, Kajal Aggarwal, Kelly Dorji, Nassar, Navdeep, M S Narayana, Brahmanandam, Pradeep Rawat, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mukesh Rishi

Director : Srinu Vaitla

The plot is basically simple. It’s a revenge saga of Baadshah (Jr. NTR) who lost his best friend, Siddhu, in one of the bomb blasts by Saadhu Bhai (Kelly Dorji) in Hyderabad. He eliminates the don’s associates Crazy Robert (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Violent Victor (Pradeep Rawat) one by one and finally finishes the underworld mafia by killing the don.

But Srinu Vaitla and his team complicates this simple plot by adding so many sub-plots and unnecessary characters.
Ranjan (Mukesh Rishi), who runs a casino in Macau, is Saadhu Bhai’s ‘right hand’ and his financial advisor, who left his family 20 years ago in the lure of money. Baadshah, his son, comes to his rescue, shows the cunningness of Saadhu Bhai and sets him on the right path. How does Baadshah do that?
Janaki (Kajal Aggarwal) lives in Milano, Italy and is a socialist (and philosopher) and her every other philosphy has some or the other thing to do with a ‘ball’. She is engaged and about to get married to Aadi(Navdeep), a Police officer in Hyderabad. Baadshah comes to Italy on a mission and mixes with Janaki as Rama Rao. She falls in love with him. Why does Baadshah come to Milano? And why the disguise of Rama Rao?
Violent Victor makes a pact with other Asian ganglords to get Baadshah killed but Baadshah manages to kill Victor and all the gang lords at a shipyard in Hong Kong. Crazy Robert sees this as an opportunity to take over the empire of his brother and joins hands with Saadhu bhai to get Baadshah killed.
Shayaji Shinde is a police officer in Hyderabad who secretly sends Nagababu and Navdeep on a mission to Hong Kong and only Navdeep returns. All others are allegedly killed by Saadhu Bhai’s men. What happens in Hong Kong?
Then, there is Jai Krishna Simha (Nassar), father of Janaki, a strict Police Officer who insists on everyone exercising together in the family. Also, Padmanabha Simha (Brahmanandam) as Jai’s brother-in-law and who never exercises and always gets humiliated by Jai.

(Yeah, if you’re so lost in reading itself, just imagine how lost you’ll be while watching the movie!)

But, Srinu Vaitla has a winner on his plate. It is a complete family entertainer with loads of romance, comedy and action. Nice, witty (and some corny) one-liners, beautiful cinematography, good choreography, especially Jr. NTR’s dance moves, amazing action sequences which are stylishly shot and the scenic beauty of Milano is even more beautifully captured.

It is Jr. NTR’s movie all the way. He has perfect comic timing, action sequences are wonderful, some powerful punch-lines, family sentiment, love angle and some amazing dances.
Kajal Aggarwal has ample screen time in the first half and looks beautiful especially in the song sequences.
M S Narayana as a film director (on the lines of Ram Gopal Varma) is hilarious.
Brahmanandam arrives in the second half of the movie and the ‘king of comedy’ doesn’t fail. He makes you laugh and how!
Jr. NTR imitating and dancing to Sr.NTR’s hit songs is also a highlight in the movie.
Too many references to leading producers, directors, actors and movies of Tollywood are made in the movie. But all in a jest and nothing demeaning except, may be, for a couple of dialogues against Ram Gopal Varma.
The movie begins with a voice over about “Spirit of India” by Mahesh Babu and Siddharth makes a special appearance.

On the negative side, as I already said, too many sub plots and too many characters. Characters come and go in a jiffy, they are there, but only for a couple of scenes. First half seems to be dragged and too many action sequences are put in the first half itself. The music is good but songs aren’t that catchy.

On the whole, the movie is enjoyable and worth watching.
Although it’s Jr. NTR’s movie all the way, it’s Brahmanandam, who steals the show whenever he’s on screen.

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