Love at first meet..


“Hey, instead of beating around the bush, I will come straight to the point.. I am a practical guy, so just in case you happen to agree, be rest assured, you will never have a life a la fairy tales.

I am not a rich King nor am I a charming Prince from those tales. I am not some kind of a fighter nor am I a romantic-hero from the movies. And I’m certainly nothing like those wild-fun loving characters from fictional novels based on college-campus romances. I’m a normal human being with normal tastes and normal lifestyle. And, it won’t get extra-ordinary over-night.

Don’t expect me to shower you with gifts on monthly anniversaries. And don’t expect me to wake you up every morning with a “love you” good morning message and go to bed with “love you” good night message.  Heck, sometimes I may not even send you a text message as soon as I wake up.

Don’t expect me to lose my sleep just to talk that extra couple of hours with you every night. We would’ve a whole life to talk and get to know each other later. Don’t expect me to be obsessed about you. Yeah, you will become the most important person for me, but that doesn’t mean that my universe will revolve around just you. I will have a life beyond you too, always remember.

I would respect your space and give you complete freedom to live life in the way you want to live. And in return, I’d expect the same from you, space and freedom. There are certain things that I’d never want to change in me and I expect you not to keep on nagging about those certain things. I’d never demand you to change anything, I’d simply suggest. Rest, I will leave it to your own discretion to decide what and which would be better for us, if… If at all, we, umm, end up with each other.

I agree that when we both agree to it, there are certain things that we both have to sacrifice, that we both have to adjust and that we both have to do (even forcibly) just to accommodate each other.
I know that all you’d expect from me would be out of love and technically that is what you’d expect. But, the way I’d express my love, isn’t, in the clichéd words, socially acceptable. I’d any day prefer actions over words and my expression would be more in gestures than in poetry or wordings.

And, oh yeah, although am not a staunch romantic at heart a la characters enacted by SRK, I do enjoy reading and watching romance. My USP would be witty humour and sarcasm instead of romanticism, but that is me.

In short, if you come with sky-high expectations, you’re bound to be disappointed and hurt and saddened. And ultimately, you’d also disappoint and hurt and make me sad. Come with a free mind and you’ll have a life full of surprises, fun and learning and memorable experiences.

I guess I’m done speaking everything that I wanted to tell to you. If there is anything that you’d want to ask or say or want to know, I’d be more than willing to answer.

But, I guess, you first need to stop staring at me with those wide eyes and also shut your mouth. I mean, not literally, of course.”

She blushed and flushed and simply tilted her head left to right indicating a “no” to the offer of asking some questions.

(Well, I’m sure I’ve scared the hell out of her and she will run away at the earliest, he thought.) “Yes, I understand your frightful expression which says it all that you didn’t expect me to come up with any of these and you are quite perplexed on how to react. Just relax.
So, umm, I guess we are done here?”

She nodded.

(She is still scared of me, I guess.) “Was nice to meet you. All the best.”

She rose. Walked up to the door. Turned around and said, “Yes!” and blushed.

Now, he was perplexed. And, she smiled.

She said, “I admired you the moment you held the door for me and waited for me to enter before you yourself entered the room. It shows that you are thoughtful and have certain etiquette which is missing from most men today.
Have asked so many people about what do they ask each other in these kind of arranged meetings and to be frank, I was very nervous as to what kind of questions you’d ask and what will I do when I have to talk. But, once again, you relieved the tension off me by starting first. It shows that you know to take charge.
Then, you came straight to the point. It shows that although you talk less, you talk of substance. I just kept admiring you.
You clearly mentioned that you are nothing like other fictional characters and that my life would never be like any fictional movie or novel. I admired you even more because you said so much in so less words and you were very frank.
Then you mentioned about giving me my space and freedom. And I fell in love with you then and there. These days, men are becoming more and more obnoxious and they think that we women don’t deserve more freedom. But you seem broad-minded and appear to be someone who wouldn’t meddle in everyday silly decisions and let me handle them in my own way.
Then you talked about compromising and sacrificing showing that you were matured enough to understand certain basic things regarding relationships. I was now deeply in love with you.
And then, when you were done with what all you wanted to say, you did ask me if I wanted to ask anything or say something. It shows that you’d always involve me in decision-making in future and you’d care to have my opinion and also respect it.
I love you truly, madly and deeply already.”

“So, that deep long stare was admiration, eh? I thought that you were searching for a chance to run away…” he chuckled.

“Oh, no, not at all! I don’t intend to be mean but when I was staring at you, I was contemplating with-in whether what you were speaking was genuine or just a farce. Because I never ever met a guy like you and it was so surreal that I actually had my own inhibitions in believing you immediately. But finally, I stared into your eyes and somehow felt that this all cannot be an act and I gave in…
I.. I hope that I didn’t offend you..”

“No, not at all.. I understand..” he said with a smile.

“So, shall we relieve our families off the suspense and break the happy news to them?”

“What’s the hurry? Let us take our own sweet time and let them have their stomachs in knots with anxiety..” he winked.

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