Definitions of love by a besotted lover..


He – Oh, god! Even praising you girls is a big head-ache! I meant to say that you’re very sweet.. You are my sweet heart! 😉

She –Oyeee..!

He – What?

She – No, sh.. I’m your friend.. Just a friend.

He – Awww.. You just broke my heart into thousands of pieces.

She – Awww.. Do you need feviquik?? 😛

He – Oh yeah.. Of course, you don’t care and will take it in a nonchalant manner. What they said was true, true feelings aren’t valued these days..!

She – Oh!! True feelings! 😀

He – Yeah.. True, deep, cardinal feelings.. That I’ve for you..!

She – Oh, come on now.. Stop flirting..!

He – What? Flirting? You think I’ve been flirting with you all the time? Huh! You broke my already broken heart all over again.. 😉

She – Hahahaha..

He – Laugh laugh.. I’ll compose myself that she at least laughs at me.. If that makes my girl happy, so be it..

She – Oh my.. Deep.. Real deep..

He – I din’t go yet 😛

She – Oh , shut up! You and your crooked mind!

He – 😀

She – Pagal..

He – So?

She – How many girl friends did you have so far?

He – Ah, none.. Because I never met you before..

She – Ah, god.. Stop it now, already..!

He – Oh, by the way, I hate those girls who laugh at the jokes and then say “stop it now” and/or say “shut up!”Just telling.. 😛

She – You mean to say you hate me? Me? 🙁

He – Nope, sweet heart.. I don’t hate you.. It’s for those who say those phrases on my jokes.. Not my feelings.. 😉

She – Grrrrr.. You and your flirting!

He – 😀

She –You haven’t answered the question yet..

He – I already did..

She – Fine! Go tell to your sweet friend only!

He – (Oh god.. Pissed again..) Phew.. You are such a kiddo..

She – k

He – (Warning.. Final warning) Well, no, I’ve never had any girl friends because I never wanted to have any..

She – Ok..

He – Somehow, I did manage life on my own… Until I met you! 😉

She – Started uh again.. all you’ll be looking for is a chance…!

He – My true feelings ya.. Don’t throw them away.. 😛

She – True feelings, uh? So, tell me, seriously, what according to you is “love”?

He – Seriously, this thing called love is not my cup of tea. I always stay away from it. I don’t know why people even want to fall in love and screw themselves. I prefer arranged marriage over love marriage.

She – Okay. Is there any particular reason for this aversion over love?

He – None, really.. Just like that..

She – Okay.. You should fall in love.. There is no other feeling that is as sacred as being in love and being loved..

He – So, tell me, what according to you is love?

She – Love….is an inexpressible feeling.. You can never tell exactly how you feel when you are in love.. It is a strange feeling.. You feel like you are the luckiest and the happiest person on the earth.. You feel like you are the most loved person on the earth.. You feel good about everything around you, including yourself..

Love is the most special feeling you can share with anybody.. That person becomes the cynosure of your existence.. Your every thought that you think, every prayer that you pray, every breathe that you inhale, every smile that you smile and every walk of life is reminiscent of and for that special person..

Love is understanding each-other without any sight or talk.. Most of the conversations take place in silence when you are in love.. You just sit side-by-side, hold hands, smile, look into each others’ eyes and after a while, you feel like you’ve had the best conversation of your life.

Love is unconditional.. It is never thwarted upon someone or demanded forcibly, love is that feeling which feels best when it is given and received freely. Being in love always makes you want to free the other person from all kinds of inhibitions and hesitations. You begin to genuinely start caring and fulfilling their every desire becomes your top priority..

Love is peace.. The peaceful feeling you feel in the lap of that special person is a feeling second to none. You feel as if you are the most satisfied person of the world with no worries of any kind and when he/she moves his/her fingers lovingly through your hair, you will witness the most blissful state of the heart..

Love is Happiness.. People in love are always the happiest of the lot.. It’s not that they don’t face any problems in their lives, it’s just that when that special someone is holding one hand, you have the courage and confidence of winning the world with the other.

Love is Trust.. Love is all about when that special person holds your hands and asks you to walk, you begin to walk with him/her without asking where he/she is taking you.. Love is all about that belief that makes you give them whole freedom of straying but knowing that they won’t.. Love is that feeling when you don’t doubt them at all..

Love is Eternal. It always lasts forever.. No matter what type of situation you are in, no matter whether you are fighting or arguing, whether your opinions match or don’t, whether your preferences are same or different, whether you both agree with each other or not, you never cease loving them. These minor differences have no affect on you both at all.

Love is wanting to be together all the time. Whether you are watching a movie with friends or reading a novel, whether you are vacationing alone or with friends, whether you are travelling or driving, whether you are lost in a new place or can’t seem to find a way out of a tricky situation, whether you are busy meeting targets or finishing backlogs, whether you are at an arm’s distance of miles away, you always feel like being with that person.

Love is bonding.. When you are in love, you want to share every damn thing that happens to you or around you with that person. You want to meet them, talk to them, stay with them, hold hands, share secrets, hang out and have fun; as much as possible.

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart…

One thing sure about being in love is, you notice that even strangers begin to smile at you. No, not because they know you are in love, but because you are always smiling when you are in love.

Last (and the least) love is lust.. No love exists without a bit of lust.. Love is all about wanting them, forever, fully, completely and totally without having to let go of them or share them even for a moment.

In short, Love is Everything.. Love is madness.. Love is life.. Love makes the world go round and round and love makes the people walk along..

He – Oh my god! I’m…..I’m speechless.. I just don’t know what to say.. It was astounding! You make me want to fall in love right away with all these definitions of love..

She – Oh yes.. Do fall in love.. Love completes a human.. So, is there a lucky girl out there in your mind?

He – You were my only hope of falling in love. But you’re already taken.. What to do..? 😉

She – Oh my.. Hahaha.. The heights of flirting..!

He – Oh yeah..So? Who’s that lucky guy who has the blessing of receiving your love and warmth?

She – Err, what makes you think that I love someone? Just because I spoke so passionately about love?

He – Yeah.. Aren’t you in love with someone?

She – Well, to speak about love, one need not necessarily be in love with someone..

He – But to know it so well, as you just explained, one definitely needs to be..

She – You’re mistaken.. Personal experience isn’t necessary for everything..

He – You mean to say, you are….

She – I didn’t mean anything.. I just said that to speak about love, I need not necessarily be in love.. But then, you were right.. I’m already taken.. My prince charming lives in States and I’m totally besotted by him.. I always knew these definitions of love, but he’s the one who has filled the meaning to the words..

He – States? Lucky guy.. 😉

She – I know what you meant.. I love him from the bottom of my heart and I trust him more than I trust myself.. I know he will never betray me for momentary indiscretions.. And he is as besotted towards me as I am towards him..

He – Lucky chap he is.. That you trust him so much! 😉

She – And I am equally lucky too that destiny has put him as my life partner.. 🙂

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