Love is cute – 4


He – (smiling) Hey, good morning!

She  – (still sleepy) Ah, morning, sweet heart..

He – You still sound sleepy..

She – Yeah, there was this idiot who kept me awake late last night.. Was busy with him..

He – (mischievously) Oh my god! What were you both doing?

She – (laughing) Haha! You naughty.. Don’t get your mind racing with kinky thoughts.. Nothing of that sort.. We are decent people, you know..

He – (mischievously) What do you mean “that sort”? I din’t say anything.. I simply meant talking on phone or working on a project or something.. You have a dirty mind and that’s why you thought in the other way..”

She – (giving up already) Gosh.. It’s impossible to win with you.. You will tell everything and then act as if you told nothing at all..

He – Haha.. Loser..

She – (smiling)  Whatever, idiot!

He – So? Ssup? What plans for today?

She – What do you mean ‘today’? It’s not day as yet.. Will sleep for a couple of hours more and then have a date with Raj, my school friend..

He – Lol.. May be you din’t see the watch.. It’s 10am already..

She – (now fully awake) What! 10am already.. Shit! I’m supposed to meet him by 12..

He – (sounding not so enthusiastic) Yeah, 10.. You din’t tell me about your plan.. When was this plan of yours made?

She – Ah, sorry ya, it just slipped my mind.. We decided about a couple of days ago.. We are going to have lunch with a couple of friends,  then go to a movie, later hang out a bit and return by 7 or so.. Am so sorry, I din’t tell you earlier..

he – Umm, that’s okay.. I have an off today so I thought that we can hang out a bit.. Anyway, so which movie?

She – Err, I’m sorry again.. If you want me to, I will cancel the plan with them and we can go out..

He – Hey, no! Don’t do that, stupid.. You wanted to meet your school friends for a long time now.. Go ahead, we will go out some other time..

She – You’re such a sweet heart!

He – Ummm…

She – So, what are you going to do?

He – Nothing, just laze around.. Will ask my college friends, if they are free, will chalk out something..

She – Okay.. Alright then, I will start now.. You know me, I will take at least an hour to get ready!

He – (naughtily) Hey, starting alone, uh? Wait, I will come too..

She – (surprised) Are you sure? I’m going to washroom to have a bath now and…

He – And that’s where I said that I’d accompany you.. Not to meet your friends..

She – (blushing) Shut up, idiot! I thought that..

He – You’re mad and that’s why you thought so…Anyway, so? (with a wink)

She – What, so? Nooo! Idiot! (smiling)

He – Not fair! I would help you, you know..

She – Awww, thank you so much for your benevolence, but, no, thank you! I will manage myself without any assistance. (cheerfully)

He – (grinning) You’ll regret it.. Offer may pass to someone else if not availed.

She – (playing along) You may as well go to that girl and that’d still make no difference to my response.

He – (in an extra cheerful voice) Ah, she heard you, may be.. My angel’s here already..

She – (turning serious) What do you mean?

He – Okay, then, talk to you later, buh bye..

She – (anxious) Hey wait! What the EFF do you mean ‘talk to you later’? Where are you going?

He – Just like you said.. Transferring my offer to ‘that’ girl.. (with a wink)

She – (jealous) “EFF you! Go, bye!”

he – (smiling smugly) Buh byee….

(Saying thus, he cut the call. after 2 minutes she calls him back)

She : (angry) Why din’t you call me back?

He: (acting too coy and innocent) I thought you said you were getting late to meet your friend and so you went to get ready.. You din’t go yet?

She : (even more angry now) Shut up, okay! I din’t go anywhere! Who the hell was at the door when the door-bell rang?!

He : (enjoying it totally) Errr..why are you so interested in her?

She : (totally loosing it) Just answer the bloody question, will you!?

He: (totally enjoying it) You don’t know her.. She comes to my place daily.. But, why are you so interested in her?

She: (not able to contain it anymore) Because you were talking of offering something to her which belonged and belongs to me and only me! (blushing)

He : (feeling triumphed) But you declined the offer, nah?

She : So what? It does not mean that you’d offer it to someone else! Only I have the right to avail that offer and don’t you dare even thinking of offering it to someone else, you moron!

He : Awwww.. Okay, baby.. Calm down now.. The offer is exclusively reserved for you..! Happy?

She : Yeah, very! Now, who the hell was at the door?

He : It was the milk-woman at the door, not “that” girl.. (breaking into a laugh)

She: (red with embarrassment) Hawwww.. You know what, you’re so dead in my hands! Bye for now. Love you loads!

He : I’d love too die in your hands, sweet heart.. Love you, too.. Ciao!

She: (blush, blush)


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