Bitter-sweet conversations..


She – Hey, I’m missing you..

He – (with a smile) We hung up the call just an hour ago, sweet heart 🙂

She – (offended) So what? Am I not supposed to miss you or what?

He – Nah, din’t mean it that way..

She – It seems you don’t miss me at all.. That’s why you said so..

He – (cursing himself) Lol, nothing like that..

She – (pretending to be angry) Idiot!

He – (trying to salvage the situation by changing the topic) Anyway, what are you doing?

She – (not pursuing that matter further) Nothing,  just sitting.. was talking to ‘my new friend’ and..

He – And? (more abruptly than he wanted!)

She – And I have started liking him.. (with a wink)

He – (with a wide grin that she didn’t pursue that matter and playing along) Oh my.. Is that a threat?

She – (dejected over the reply) May be.. May be not..

He – (Unable to come up with anything better) Okay..

She – He doesn’t know that I’m engaged..

He – (teasing) Awww, you want to take advantage of his ignorance of this event?

She – Shut up, idiot!

He – (turning serious) Okay, so why do you want to tell him that you are engaged? As far as I know, you’ve told it to only a select few of your friends..

She – I don’t know.. I just feel like telling him..

He – Okay.. Go ahead..

She – (getting serious) You have no questions to ask?

He – (perplexed) Errr…What kind of?

She – Like, why do I talk to him? Why do I want to tell him? Or anything about him?

He – Do I really need to? As long as he’s good, it’s cool..

She – What if he isn’t?

He – Since you talk to him regularly, you’ll be knowing it soon whether he is or he isn’t..

She – And what if he isn’t?

He – If he isn’t a good guy, you will stop talking to him..

She – That’s it? Just that?

He – What else? Come on, he is just an acquaintance..

She – I know.. Just an acquaintance.. He has started flirting with me..

He – (with a laugh) Woah! This fast! That was quick..

She – (perplexed, anxious, confused) You are laughing? Huh! You aren’t angry? Or offended? That why did I give him such lenience? Or why do I still talk to him? Or you don’t want me to block him?

He – (non-chalantly) Block him for flirting?? Lol.. Just chill.. If you get offended, just ask him to stop.. Even then, if he continues, stop talking..

She – What if he keeps harassing me?

He – You always have the block option..

She – We are in the same college..

He – You won’t be alone with him that he’ll harass you in college.. You are simply exaggerating it.. Chill..

She – Sometimes I wonder whether you actually care for me or not.. You are so calm and relaxed over there and here I’m getting all vexed up..

He – Why are you so disturbed?

She – He talked well, whenever we crossed our paths in college.. I expected him to be a nice and decent guy.. I dint expect him to flirt..

He – Just because he has started flirting, that doesn’t make him a not-nice and not-decent guy either..

She – (aggravated) You are defending him? He’s just started flirting with your fiancé and you defend him!

He – Well, babes, just calm down.. I am not defending his flirting with you.. Heck, I’m not defending him at all.. Am just giving my opinion..

She – You mean, you don’t mind if I talk to him? Even after knowing that he has started flirting with me?

He – Nope, I don’t mind at all..

She – What!

He – (at a loss of words) Ugh, umm, nothing.. See, you won’t fall for him.. So he will only give up after a few tries..

She – Okay.. What do you want me to do?

He – Just what you’d have done with a guy when you were not my fiancé.. Deal with him as you deem fit.. And to be frank, if you are gonna tell him that you are engaged just because he is flirting, I’d rather you don’t..

She – Huh! You mean you want him to continue his flirting?

He – No, I don’t want you to use our engagement as a rescue thing.. Deal with him..

She – Okay..

He – Hmmm 🙂

She – What if I start liking him? (wink)

He – Lol.. Will you?

She – What if? (wide grin)

He – Umm, if you really start liking him, then I’d call our engagement off..

She – (enraged) Wtf! You don’t love me!?

He – Did I say that?

She – Your words meant that! (even more enraged at his nonchalance)

He – On the contrary, they mean that I love you so much that for your happiness I’m ready to forego my own happiness too!

She – (going “Awwww” with-in) You’re crazy!

He – Yeah, only for you..

She – Shut up, idiot!

He – Idiot stands for ‘I do ishq only tumse’ nah? (wink)

She – Nooooo, it stands for heights of stupidity!

He – Yeah, am stupid, crazy and mad only for you! 🙂

She – Huh.. You know what, he flirts better! (wink)

He – Hawwww.. Too bad!

She – But, I love only you…! (blushing)

He – Awww, that’s my girl.. Love you too! (smile)

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