Side-effects of love..


Guy – (staring at a girl and with a smile) “Look at that girl over there in red top. She is looking so beautiful..”

Girl – (turning serious) “I know that you do it just for fun and to make me jealous, but I can’t stop myself from thinking that ‘I never made u feel so’ whenever you praise other girls with such intensity..”

Guy – “What? Where did that come from?”

Girl – “It didn’t come from anywhere. I just feel so. That I couldn’t give you that happiness and that’s why you have to look at someone else.”

Guy – (flabbergasted) “That’s absurd!”

Girl – “Every time you call some other woman beautiful, I feel myself uglier..”

Guy – “But that is/was never my intention.”

Girl – “I know. But I can’t seem to stop myself from thinking so..”

Guy – (with a straight face) “Chill babes. I love you and will always love only you.. It’s my habit that whenever I find a good-looking woman, I always exclaim in the same way!ย It has got nothing to do with you or your looks!
You are the moon of my life among millions of stars.
You are the one for whom my heart always beats and no other woman will ever take your place in my heart.

Girl – (smiling from ear to ear) “Totally over-whelmed by such dialogues..”

Guy – “True. They are just that. Dialogues.
As an after thought, these filmy dialogues are just this once. This is not me. I can’t keep coming up with such dialogues every now and then to cheer you up.
I will still say that what you were feeling and thinking was stupid, baseless and absurd.”

Girl – (mocking) “You couldn’t have been more compassionate..”

Guy – “I am a practical guy and I like to call a spade, a spade. No beating around the bush or mushy mushy filmy romantic dialogues from me.ย That doesn’t happen in real life.
So, just don’t get habituated to such flattery..”

Girl – (startled) “What do you mean? Tomorrow if I’m upset over something, as my boy-friend isn’t it your duty to cheer me up?”

Guy – (chuckling) “Not at all. It isn’t my ‘duty’ to cheer you up. And whether I actually try to cheer you or not depends on the reason on which you are upset. If it is as ridiculous as this, I wouldn’t even try to make you smile.”

Girl – “You are supposed to cheer me!” she exclaimed.

Guy – (nonchalantly) “Not at all. I’m not supposed to do anything of such sorts. I’m not just supposed to do what makes you happy, but what is right too. And I will do just that.”

Girl – “You mean, if I don’t talk properly, you’ll simply walk away instead of getting me gifts or chocolates? You’ll hold your self-esteem as a priority and not me or my happiness? You’ll keep praising other girls in front of me even if I don’t like it? You’ll continue to be rigid and not budge at all, when it isn’t your fault, even if that makes me happy?”

Guy – “Yes, exactly.. I’ll continue doing what I like and not do every thing according to your whims and fancies..”

Girl – “You know what, you aren’t the perfect boy-friend material that I thought you’d be!”

Guy – (with an arrogant smile) “Thank you for the compliment!”

Girl – “You are also a chauvinistic pig!”

Guy – “Thanks again..”

Girl – “And had we not been together for a couple of years now, I’d have left you right away!”

Guy – (with a mischievous smile) “How I wish…..”

Girl – (with a playful punch on the shoulder) “Haha! As expected, you moron!”

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  1. Apoorva says:

    good one ๐Ÿ™‚
    very practical and realistic scene ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

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