Mind and Heart…


Dear Heart,

She has long gone. Get over her and move on, dude!

It’s been almost a year now that you have been constantly remembering her and wasting my time and energy. The more you remember her, the more you force me to spend my energy thinking of her which I could have better utilised.

I have been trying to impart some sense into you but to no avail. You just don’t seem to get the point.

Exactly a year ago, it took me a lot of struggle and thought to come to a decision and then I had to struggle even more to convince you that it was for greater good of you, her and everybody around. You did seem to agree with me and, keeping a stone on yourself, you did what was inevitable. And I still admire your courage and applaud your effort.

But there on, to be frank, you’ve been in a mess! It’s as if you’ve forgot that you had a life before her which, in a way, also means that you can have a life after her too! Come on, man, stop being childish and don’t pass your time as if, without her, you don’t have anything else to do and that she was the very reason of your existence.

And all those lame statements like “my heart bleeds for you” “destiny has cut my heart into two” “my heart still loves you” “my heart beats for you” “without you my heart just pumps blood, not life” are utter non-sense. They came into existence only to sell movies and novels. You’d have stopped functioning long back if any of those statements were true.

Be practical, man! You took a decision because it was inevitable. You could have chosen otherwise but it would have made things all the more difficult. You took the decision so that she could move on with her life too, and rightly so, she has moved on. But why the hell are you struck with her memories?
If not for your decision, you could have spent together few more months of merry, may be, but it would have been certainly followed by loads of regret, resentment, desire for more, and curse on the destiny. You averted it all, with one single decision, which was not only hard to make, but harder to keep.

While you have been so strong in making and keeping it, you have totally disappointed me afterwards.

Well, if it is any consolation, it’s exactly the same with her too. Her heart is as stupid as you which keeps on remembering you even now! Her heart too, just like you, has been living so dejectedly as if with the end of you two being together, the world has ended altogether. Her heart too craves for you to be back with her, like before. Her heart too, just like you, gets everyday lecture from her mind, just like I am trying to shove some sense into you!

You know what’s the catch? She hasn’t moved on either. Her mind believes that I have moved on long back and it thinks that you have moved on too. But clearly, you haven’t!
Okay, let me tell you something. If you so want her, then go to her, talk to her, use some of those mushy dialogues on her and she will readily fall back into your arms because she still loves you.
Or if you think that doing so will only aggravate the problems and that you both aren’t meant to be together, then move on..

Either have the courage to fight the destiny or else make peace with it if you don’t have the courage to fight for what you desire.
Just like we minds, practical that we are, have made with that of ours and agreed to stay put up with emotional and sentimental fools that you hearts are!

Yours sincerely,
your companion,


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